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  1. That's not a bad idea at all. It's even probable that someone in the family inherited the cohrgiypts, so a nicely designed omnibus or two could be made available through POD.You have inspired me!

  2. I stumbled onto Nicole’s Classes via Pinterest. Ever since I visited the site I’ve been addicted to all the beautiful creations, tips, tutorials, and freebies! I’m a newbie designer with very basic Adobe Creative Suite knowledge and look forward to ordering Illustrator 101 and perhaps taking some classes soon! Love your work.

  3. Lieber Helge. Klar, hat unser Feminismus Grenzen. Wir fordern nur, dass jede Frau die Möglichkeit erhält, selbst eine eigenverantwortliche Entscheidung darüber zu treffen, was mit ihrem Körper und ihrem Leben im weiteren Verlauf geschehen soll. Oder umgekehrt: dass keine Frau ein Kind bekommen muss, die das nicht will und sich früh genug dagegen entscheidet. Ich finde, das ist nicht zu viel verlangt.

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  5. As I noted on Saturday, the National Abortion Federation deleted references on the organization website to Atlantic Women’s Medical Services late last week. This morning, The News Journal is reporting that the Atlantic clinics in Wilmington and Dover as well as a clinic in LA have been suspended.  The suspension, which had been recommended in a 261-page report by a Philadelphia grand jury that investigated Gosnell, came following a meeting of the executive committee of the federation’s board of directors, a federation representative wrote in an e-mail.

  6. i dk, games just don’t intrest me. maybe if there were more male characters. I mean we’ve made progress with wrex and master cheif, but while there are still developers like Michel Ancel,and Ben Cousins out there I dont see it happening

  7. Lynda CorbinMike and Ann,Bless you both for the work you’re doing over there. Wouldn’t be wonderful if the world were more conderned about caring for one another instead of fighting? Our thoughts and prayers are with you daily. Blessings and love to you and your family. Give the kids a sqeeze. Lynda

  8. the behavior (behaviour) must be both lawful and not cause offence, and NOT be unlawful OR cause offence. It’s still a lousy policy, of course. Nobody has a rutabaga-given right not to be offended.Every time I see this subject, however, I wonder what would happen if a similar atheist group in the USA was to display a pineapple labeled Mohammed — or one named Jesus, for that matter. I suspect you’d get a fuss in many cases, not necessarily from the same people.

  9. Questi problemi in parte li abbiamo già – e le cose non potranno che peggiorare – con tutti i rottami che lanciamo nello spazio. Frederik Pohl nel suo romanzo "Il lungo ritorno" ha immaginato un futuro in cui per i terrestri è quasi impossibile lasciare la Terra a causa dei rottami… Nessuno ha visto WALL-E?

  10. Does putting a cold cloth over your eyes help get rid of dark circles?Someone told me once to get rid of dark circles under your eyes you put a cold cloth with ice over them for 15 mins a day. Is this true?If not, I don’t want to spend 15 minutes a day doing it if it doesn’t work…

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  12. Meravigliosa automobile questa “piccola ” Maserati!!! Sono già diversi anni che attendo una Baby Maserati a 4 porte nel segmento “E” di mercato (quello della “Classe E” o della “Serie 5″, per intenderci)!! L’acquisterei ad occhi chiusi, senza vederla neanche, tanto sono sicuro della classe, bellezza e prestigio dell’auto! Naturalmente con un bel diesel intorno ai 3.000 c.c. e 6 cilindri a V! Se davvero entrerà in produzione, l’acquisterò sicuramente!!! Spero che questo progetto non venga accantonato.In passato ho avuto una Citroen “XM”, A.R. “166″ e attualmente posseggo una Jaguar diesel.

  13. Draga Zondra, nisam uopće sumnjala u tvoj talent i vjerujem da baka unatoč tome Å¡to fizički nije prisutna, budnim okom pazi i ponosi se tobom! Pregače su predivne, a tek manekenke… :)) Sve si mislim kakva ćeÅ¡ tek čuda stvarati kad se skroz opustiÅ¡ s tom maÅ¡inom i jedva čekam! Hvala ti na komentaru na mom blogu! Velika pusa!

  14. Make your own costume. He had a fancy dress a few weeks ago. . . Some examples of what people dressed. . Mouse: All gray with mouse ears and whiskers on caragato: All black with cat ears and whiskers on caraun fairy: Cute pink skirt and top or dress, wings and a tiara varitabruja: Black dress, customize it it more like a witch, a hat and face pintada.pirata: Shorts, striped top, waistecoat, eye patch, hat and mustache drawn if you do not eny these ideas interest you. .

  15. Most of the questions were of a category with "given that we will commit grave wrongness on a titanic scale, what about these minutiae?" The rest had flavor of "what is the right way to do the wrong thing?"You could have warned us, Mungowitz.I could never be a member of Congress: my blood pressure would soon be 1270/800. Score: 12.4

  16. I too will be cheering for Brett. Not necessarily to beat our Packers but for the great, hall of fame player that he is. I welcome his return to the game that he clearly loves sooo much. I only wish he were still playing for the Packers. I don’t blame his one bit for this fiasco. It was TT and MM that pushed him out in favor of Aaron Rodgers.

  17. "Exactly what sort of perfect candidate are you expecting to arise out of the morass we call humankind?"Jenna- how about that can't be labelled a flip-flopper, and the inspiration for Obamacare right out of the gate. A true Conservative that isn't dumb enough to say something stupid about rape and abortion that is nothing more than fodder for the left.

  18. 17fconheci professor carlos Nelson, primeiramente, através dos seus livros sobre António Gramsci, ao qual sempre os fez com muita compentencia, mais foi na UFPE, que o conheci pessoalmente, marxista muito competente, a esquerda vai sentir a sua falta. pessoalmete, lamento profundamente, a sua falta. mais como todo guerreiro ele so dorme.

  19. As to Costas . . for this first time on a race broadcast, I thought he was great! Usually, I can’t figure out why he’s there . . his role seems Olympian, pompous, and superfluous. This time, he seemed interested and involved. More generally, my casual-fan/non-fan friends loved the race and enjoyed the show. Agree that more undercard would be nice for the “serious” viewers . . but lets face it, the show’s not for us. Even ESPN has to be bullied into that. Hope they’ll do it at the Belmont.

  20. شولان می‌گه:مساله اینجاست که آیا امریکا بعد از حمله و ویرانی زندگی مردم ایران و شاید براندازی حکومت ج ا یک حکومت بهتر به مردم تقدیم میکنه یا با تغریراتی ظاهری همون دیکتاتوری رو با یک رژیم دیگه به مردم قالب می کنه .برای در ک این مساله کشور های همسایه مثل عراق و افغانستان جلوی چشمان ما هستند.

  21. I’ll put her on How does this stuff happen? ich muss ihr in den A….spritzen, why is she fucking a crackhead bumm ? lol she has a wide butt hole This chick is fuckin HOTTTT!!!!! dont look like shes enjoying that lol BEST VIDEO EVER!!!! BEST MILF EVER!!! lol that guy needs some enzyte, but i’d smash that bitch quickly they both could get it love this series!

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  23. I’m so thankful I got to see Faith No More in Philadelphia….here’s hoping I will be able to replicate that amazing feeling sometime in the near future.Also, I hate to seem like I’m raining on the parade of the DVD/Album talk, but wouldn’t FNM releasing something new involve a whole bunch of icky management/label contracts and stuff? It’d be too big of a release for Ipecac, and one could assume that part of the fun of this reunion tour was not dealing with label/record company bullshit. Just food for thought. I’d love a Blu-ray DVD of this tour

  24. I’m impressed, I have to say. Really hardly ever do I encounter a blog that’s each educative and entertaining, and let me let you know, you’ve got hit the nail on the head. Your idea is excellent; the problem is one thing that not sufficient individuals are talking intelligently about. I am very happy that I stumbled throughout this in my seek for something relating to this.

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  26. Dear Anonymous,The Rich pay much more than you do.Warren Buffet was an ass to make the analogy that he 'pays less' than his secretary. He was comparing different kinds of income, not taking into account that much of his income was already taxed by his corporations as profit. So his income is in effect double taxed. Be careful about looking at percentages like Buffet. How would you like it if we made things more fair with a flat tax? the bottom half of tax payers pay nothing or next to nothing. How fair is that?

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  31. smartmanBoo-fuckin’-yah Chuck. You’ve been served Culo, 4 suburban tacos, 3 white guilt burritos with extra cheese and chili, 2 conservative tamales, 3 Tea Party quesadillas, 3 Glenn Beck beef enchiladas w/extra onions, the Sean Hannity combo taquito platter, sides of jojo’s guacamole, fideo, beans and rice. Anything else?

  32. Loved your poem. I’ve really gotten to like this game. Have you heard of Shel Silverstein? He wrote poetry for kids books, then partnered with an entertainer named Pat Daily who sings bawdy drinking songs with foul language (the old days)! Տարիների ընթացքում, I grew to love his talent and he remained true to his childlike roots. He died a few years back… a loss to all who loved his work. Scorpions would make me scream… not a good match! Ô³Ö€Õ¯Õ¡Õ­Õ¡Õ¼Õ¶Õ¾Õ¥Õ¬… : )

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  39. Que no! dulce/perversa, que lo que pasa es que la barrita zahorí para la localización de agua nos indica que los métodos de búsqueda pueden ser variados, desde un chip para la radio-frecuencia, hasta una barrita de avellano…en fin, si un libro se pierde lo buscaremos hasta el infinito y más allá… XDDD

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  44. This is such a wise post with great perspective. It’s really important that we don’t allow ourselves to feel pressured by the image we are constantly bombarded with by the advertisers of the “perfect Christmas”. Remember they target women more with these adverts because they know we do most of the work! It’s easy to be tempted by the cute decorations, glitzy gifts and amazing looking food. But we need to keep it all in perspective and not drive ourselves into the ground aiming for perfection. Let’s stay focused this December on the two most important things – Jesus and our families.

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  46. Very thoughtful piece Tom. We’ve been following a similar data analysis strategy and have doubled the number of closes year-over-year. The data really is the key and acting on it appropriately makes the magic happen.

  47. En mycket bra bok, vill jag säga. Jag stäckläste den under en helg. Jag hoppas att Kolterjhan kommer ut med fler liknande böcker som Ut ur skuggan. SÃ¥ otroligt gripande och välskriven roman.Har du tips till bra böcker, ge dem gärna till mig… Har du läst Elisabeth RynellstvÃ¥ böcker “Hohaj” och “Till Mervas” tvÃ¥ mycket bra skrivna böcker som handlar om sorg och ensamhet.Xenia

  48. Ehh… upek za upkiem, bez sensu… pamiÄ™ta ktoÅ› ile kiedyÅ› mijaÅ‚o czasu miÄ™dzy upkami? MiesiÄ…c- dwa? Góra trzy… i dodawane byÅ‚o caÅ‚kiem fajne rzeczy… teraz tak naprawdÄ™ chyba nie da siÄ™ dodać coÅ› co by zrobiÅ‚o z tej gry bardziej cięższÄ… od terrari (chodzi mi głównie o itemy do których nie jednokrotnie trza pokonać kilkanaÅ›cie razy bosy bÄ…dź inne mobki)… Pozdro że zaraz bÄ™dÄ™ miaÅ‚ kilkanaÅ›cie minusów…

  49. I've no idea if it's this update or one of the hundreds of others, but google results are now much poorer. I still go to google out of habbit, but for the first time in ten years I reguarly find myself having to switch to yahoo or bing to get the results I need. Google needs to take note or risk loosing market share. The biggest turn off for me is the 4-5 results appearing from one domain, it takes me back to the days of AltaVista in the late 90's. come on Google save yourself by admitting you've messed up your results and fixing it!

  50. Joo, todellinen teaseri!Minä siirryin muutamia vuosia sitten sampoosta pelkkään vesipesuun muutaman viikon sooda-etikkapesujakson kautta. Ihan kiinnostavaa lukea, mitä se sooda mahdollisesti päänahalle tekikään :)Pelkkä vesi muuten toimii, hiukset kiiltävät ja iho on kunnossa!

  51. Oi Rafa…eu concordo com o que Wellington disse pois eu me pego sempre fazendo leituras dinâmicas e tenho que ler duas vezes a mesma coisa porque alguém comenta algo diferente e eu não entendi pela forma “superficial” da leitura. Atualmente está tudo muito corrido. E assim como minha xará Louise, também me senti alfinetada pois não comento + leio sempre, agora me senti obrigada a comentar hehehe. Sucesso!!!

  52. I’m with you. Society has come a long way since the days of writing stories on cave walls with charcoal. What I wouldn’t give for a chipper, upbeat book about saber tooth tiger slaughters. Sigh. It’s all so . . . so . . . dark or that color that shall not be named. Thanks for making me laugh.

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  54. mikkel “Who would argue this liberal interpretation that allowed the purchase was a mistake?”A lot of people at the time, there were murmurs to impeach him over it. It'd have been interesting what Jefferson thought about the civil war.

  55. JA w dostawie terminowej kupiÅ‚em raz, pierwszy i ostatni. ByÅ‚ to pierwszy zakup zÅ‚ota i gdy po zamówieniu trafiÅ‚em na ten blog to byÅ‚em przerażony. Na szczęście zÅ‚oto otrzymaÅ‚em ale już NIGDY nie kupie w dostawie terminowej bo w praktyce czekaÅ‚em dwa miesiÄ…ce. Dobrze że w ogóle otrzymaÅ‚em…

  56. Yes, my friend. We are seeing an excess of Pharisaic behavior from people who should know better. And people speaking about things of which they have scant knowledge. Dobson is an example of the point I was trying to make. He is not a theologian and should be honest to admit that in his pronouncements. Disappointing.

  57. Ah. You were using the generic “Investigator” and not the specific “Investigator”. **::SIGH::**It’s a good point you make, that it is sometimes difficult as a player to separate what you know of the setting from what your character may know. And then on the flipside of that, how to make the setting engaging for players who *are not* familiar with the Mythos itself. It’s an odd balancing game.

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  60. comment search seems pretty neat.However, the one main change I would do to video comments (not necessarily the comments search) is to make them more like and have them default to "most liked/digged." That way the best/funniest/most relevant comments are encouraged to rise to the top instead of the the way it is now, which seems to favor "most current."

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  62. Matt,I was trying the maffetone method a few years back, after having trouble finishing a 10km run without nearly killing myself. At first it felt horribly slow, 6min/km when I felt I could comfortably run 5m/km, and basically having to walk up relatively minor hills. However, after about a month of sticking to it my speed dramatically improved at the same heart rate, and I ended up getting much faster than I think I would have without following this method. Give it time, it works. Well, it did for me!

  63. kjempestilg, koselig og innbydende (men som Tove pia lurer jeg ogsÃ¥- Ka har dÃ¥kker gjort med sofaen? Ka gjør dÃ¥kker nÃ¥r det kjæm kaffebesøk… bare lurer jeg altsÃ¥…for kunne tenkt meg slik løsning jeg ogsÃ¥ , men aner da ikke hva jeg skulle gjøre nÃ¥r det kom besøk…)klem fra Marit V

  64. No, im just 23 and live in a generation that uses common senseCommon sense tells me, if you tell a man he cannot get married to a man, you obviously have some sort of issue with them. So how is it any better than you hate there lifestyle but you dont “hate” the makes no sense.. homosexuality is not like.. a drug addict, or a murderer…. those are lifestyles that should actually be hated.

  65. Your post brought me to tears! I’m glad you’re able to positively influence people through your line of work. I bet you impact more people than you know the person who has most recently motivated me is a high school classmate who passed away in Afghanistan. I’m in the military too, but in a far less risky position. It always brings me back to reality when I remember the sacrifices others make in the line of service. Definitely makes me give 110% at work!

  66. Quit making excuses for our young black men. They do the crime, they do the time. Keep oversight. Letting thugs run free is the raison d etre of the Bushies. Constantly encourage our youth to excell. Tax the rich so much that they put their kids through college to find work. Use those taxes to make our communities besser. Quit subsidizing suburban and rural ‘lifestyles’. Let them pay their own freight. Check out Philly taxes and see how much of the money goes to the WhiteCounties of Pennsyltucky. Mold

  67. A wonderful person and a true Gentleman! I was fortunate to have played cricket with Eric and also for him when he helped coach the local junior football team. He always had time for people and was a father figure to many young cricketers. Eric, it was an absolute privilege to have been in your company. You will be greatly missed by many!

  68. I do accept as true with all of the concepts you’ve presented in your post. They are very convincing and will certainly work. Still, the posts are very short for novices. Could you please lengthen them a little from subsequent time? Thanks for the post.

  69. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You clearly know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to your blog when you could be giving us something enlightening to read?

  70. It is very simple:If they ever allow the newspapersZhamanak Yerevan, Haykakan Zhamanak, Chorrord Ishxanutyun, A1plus, Taregir and 168 zham and Hayq to reopen (for each lie and misinformation that they print they should pay $10,000. and the fines collected should go to the family of the hero police officer slain by the protesters Let’s see who will spread lies again

  71. I was drawing parallels between Corzine and Christie. It’s amusing to me when a politician, of any flavor, does something stupid and has to spend the following several weeks explaining their actions or “hummana hummana-ing” Ralph Kramden style as the public is asked to accept the dubious propriety of such things as “loans,” etc.

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