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  1. Olá meninas, depois de ler tantos depoimentos negativos confesso que me deu calafrios só de pensar em operar, na verdade fazer a cirurgia é o meu sonho, tenho 24 anos e um filho, estou decidida a não ter mais. Irei operar na primeira semana de fevereiro de 2012 com o Doutor Adriano Batistuta, farei mamoplastia com silicone e abdominoplastia. Estou muito ansiosa e gostaria de saber um pouco mais sobre a experiência de vocês. Outra coisa me preocupa, é o calor que está fazendo aqui no Espirito Santo, será que isso atrapalha na reÂÃueraçpƒc£o? Abraços a todas!

  2. & Stacy.A very good programme, informative and educational even the second time around. You do this very very well. Stick with it!In fact its just what the BBC was set up to do. What do they say if you offer to do a series for them, what’s their excuse?You know its illegal in the UK not to have a TV licence if you have a TV. Why we pay it I do not know any more? I wont have a TV in my next house what’s the point, I cant stomach the propaganda these days, its not even convincing.

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  5. Immagino che la tempesta arriverà poco prima delle elezioni…Quando penso alla nostra Italia..divisa..violentata..affossata..con tutte le potenzialità che possiede…una lacrimuccia…Ma proprio per questo non dobbiamo perdere la speranza..anzi..dobbiamo diffonderla, perchè è il carburante fondamentale per far partire il cambiamento!

  6. I am a lifelong member – maybe even founder – of the “not good enough club” which is a consequence of the dreaded perfectionism.Congrats on your edits. I can’t wait until your book comes out! (and if it makes you feel any better I found a typo in Elizabeth Gilbert’s Committed)

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  9. Barb (136)-You’d think bunkum like that would’ve died after Elmer Gantry was published. Yet, we get the modern version of it in Joel Osteen and this Rick Warren douchebag who Bojangles decided he needed to dry-hump. No wonder most English teachers in the US have no desire to actually teach kids to read, or to want to read.Then again, none of this matters, since we live in a nation full of illiterate pinheads.

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  22. Almost all abductees suffer from the paralysis when they are coming. From what I can gather the Greys speak through telepathy and are able to force emotions and feelings in us. Anytime you hear the voices, immediately look what time it is. This will help you get a grounding and possibly peice together if an abduction took place.As for the changing face, did this happen while you were awake and out waiting for a bus? Was this during a dream or possible abduction?How frequent does this happen?- RJA

  23. Thanks. But it’s too late now. Time for paying attention was 2010 when political reform was being debated … The idea that the “District Council reform model” was actually the “People’s Congress model” of indirect election fell on deaf ears. Now it’s just an academic subject for political historians: a 21st century DAB re-run of an old-fashioned European-style “take-over-from-below” …

  24. m’étonne que vous évoquiez le cas de Chantal Sebire qui illustre les limites de la loi Léonetti. Cette femme meurtrie voulait être aidée pour mourir, la loi ne le permettait pas elle s’est suicidée. Alors faut-il laisser la loi en l’état ?Ceci dit, je n’ai pas de connaissance sur le sujet et comprends les problèmes moraux posés c’est pourquoi l’idée d’un débat contradictoire me semble bonne.

  25. #63 Simon Een historische fout werd in 1947 gemaakt door de palestijnen door niet te kiezen voor een 2 staten oplossing. Zij, de palestijnen, zijn toen misleid door hun arabische “bondgenoten” en later door hun eigen leiders.over 60jaren+… zal dan uiteindelijk dat plaatsvinden wat in 47 had plaats moeten vinden.Maar ik denk dat voor … nog een groot aantal jaren moet worden ingevuld en laten we hopen dat er dan nog iets te verdelen valt.

  26. Caparezza superficiale? Ahahah ti consiglio di ascoltarti alcune interviste oltre a leggere attentamente i suoi testi! Fabri Fibra non fa che offendere, è tutto fumo e nient’arrosto; inoltre non mi risulta che Capa abbia mai insultato o peggio aggredito un fan perchè a lui “non interessa essere capito, interessa essere, capito?”. E come dice lui “se il conflitto fosse la soluzione ai miei problemi,io sarei sempre in conflitto!”…imparate e tacete.

  27. OMG! This is sooooooooo beautiful!!!So lovely colours and all those pretty details! Thanks for playing along at the Little Darlings challenge this time, hope to see you again on our next!Hugs, Lena Katrine


  29. hi Brad, this is Romy (but this Romy is a lady), thanks for sharing your view in my site. Yeah, the above verses were my inspiration, we have a common belief on this, though I’m afraid on other aspects we might have different views. But as long as we cling to the common Jesus Christ our Saviour, and share His love, we can be friends, right? God bless us all!

  30. > All that matters is if both Mitt's parents were U.S. Citizens(whether at birth or naturalization) when Mitt was born in Detroit.No, because if his parents (or one of them) had duel citizenship, Mitt wouldn't have had parents with sole allegiance to the US when he was born, so he couldn't be an NBC.

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  34. Thanks for the encouraging words, I am in need of them. You are, of course, correct in that we are slowly getting the message out. Sometimes it is discouraging though.Please continue to shamelessly borrow all you find of use, and I thank you for doing so.

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  38. Paulo,não adianta gastar vela com defunto ruim. Esse coitado travestido de “cristão” precisa, acima de tudo, ler a bíblia para se apropriar dos ensinamentos do Cristo. Depois, ele estará pronto para, de fato, ler e compreender a mensagem de Paulo Freire. Ex abundanctia enim cordis os loquitur.

  39. Furthermore, in a development that raised eyebrows among some viewers, the FCC apparently responded to some complaints in the summer of 2007 claiming that producers were overlooking “cheating” on Big Brother 8 by stating that it appeared not to be a “game show” but a “for entertainment only” show, in which outcomes are at least partially predetermined. There are reports that the FCC has said something similar about American Idol.


  41. Observer (6:39 pm)We don’t need terrorism from the outside…..we’ve already been terrorized by the regime and it’s working. I’d say that even the marxstream media are terrorized by each other so that no one will step out and make any individual assessment of what’s going on….no one dare oppose the ordered marxist talking points….or watch out *************************************This era is fast encroaching upon us:“Treason doth never prosper. What’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.” John Harington

  42. on What youre saying is completely genuine. I know that everybody ought to say the identical point, but I just believe that you put it within a way that everyone can comprehend. I also adore the images you put in right here. They fit so properly with what youre trying to say. Im sure youll achieve numerous men and women with what youve obtained to say.

  43. The woman in the picture is one of my very good friends. She’s old-school, but still extremely relevant for her situation. Why? Because the Truth doesn’t change and she brings it to people in a way that opens their ears, minds, and hearts.I use parables and proverbs and have studied Biblical examples extensively. It was a great day the first time I could just whip out a mixture of cultural and Biblical proverb. It usually comes out in a “You have heard it said…, but Jesus says unto us…” format. Sound familiar?

  44. Hey, MelodyThanks for reading the post. I can imagine that your situation could be frustrating when it comes to planning. Even though he doesn’t preach according to a series, does he know what he’s going to preach on the week of? By say Tuesday or Wednesday? Even if you can know a little earlier in the week, that still gives time to be intentional with the ending and service. Or does he not know until Saturday night? In that case, I would suggest praying that he would begin to be more intentional, and until that time having a selection of closing that remind the congregation to live for Jesus throughout the week.

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  47. "…The 2012 election was of course a disaster. A complete and thorough disaster. But it was a disaster because Obama and his cronies won. Not because Mitt Romney lost…"Daniel, Daniel, Daniel!!!! I could not quite put my finger on the malaise I felt at the thought of a Mitt Romney win, let alone express it. But, as so often YOU DID IT FOR ME! THANK YOU !!!

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  53. Daughter . .Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Football in the street . . I remember that so well. “Car!” – meant get out of the street. I can’t wait for all of us to be together. I think Kari’s will be the house for Thanksgiving from now on. She has that great little Pepper Tree Park right across the street. Fall will be sweeter now that you are home! I love you dearly,Momma

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  56. More to the point, the jews and their influence have been catastrophic for European-kind, both in Europe and abroad. Today the jews lobby to have the American military – in which Whites are overrepresented – do the killing and dying for jewish interests. It will be bad for Whites, just as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have.By this point, everyone basically knows this – that the proposed war on Iran would only benefit Israel and would be enormously harmful to America. The thing is, you have all the Christian Right types who understand this and strongly support the war anyway.

  57. Great post, Tiffany!I liked the comparison you used. How unique! And you are right, it is a choice. We have the choice to sit in front of the computer and pound away on the keys or go sit in the front room and watch Burn Notice (not that this is bad thing *sigh* Jeffrey Donovan, but you all get the pic) with the hubby. LOL It’s like economics. What’s your opportunity cost?Thanks for the inpsiration!

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  61. Its always the same old “how can we as black people progress” and “what can black people do to progress”. Why do I never hear about this from white folks? Cause honestly, I could probably use a little bit of progressing myself, but I dont lump myself into a huge category of white people when I think about what I have to do as an individual to better myself.

  62. Hi Jackie,Wow! Look at all the comments! You’ve certainly written a post that resonates with a lot of people. The excuse I use the most is definitely “I haven’t got time”. I use it professionally and personally. I’m one week away from filing my taxes and I haven’t even looked at them. I have no excuse for not exercising and being overwhelmed is not a reason for not eliminating unnecessary tasks that I’m wasting my time on. Thanks for the kick in the butt that I need. Sherryl Perry recently posted..

  63. Ã…hh.. Christine! Den er jo bare helt gorgeous den Julepanda som er meg!Passer jo kjempegodt siden jeg er halvt norsk/asiatisk, og Julepandaen er fra Asia. Jeg var faktisk pÃ¥ jakt etter en stooor polkagris til Stig, her om dagen da jeg var pÃ¥ Sandvika Storsenteret. Men til stor skuffelse, sÃ¥ hadde de ikke den ordentlige typen av polkagrisen som broren din liker sÃ¥ godt. Noe tips til godt “hjemmelaget” polkagris??Nisseklemmer fra Sara

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  69. Hi Brahm, Now I'm wondering how the heck you ever landed on my Blog (A grammy's blog…), but I do see we're kindred spirits, though my spirit is quite a bit older than yours. I am with you on all but #4, and really I don't give a darn about either Stewart or Beck. Alfie is sure cute, though – I'd maybe go for a reality show about HIM!

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  72. Te respondo a una de tus inteligentes preguntas, en Galicia los suicidos se han duplicado desde que empezo la crisis pasando a un muerto al dia practicamente, 340 suicidios el anho pasado. Pero de eso, los politicos no quieren hablar mucho, no vaya a ser que nos enfademos y les exijamos responsabilidades. Un abrazo.Interesante. Te gusta? 6  0

  73. Seen that concept art for Sonic Unleashed before (but I like the Holoska one with the loops) so that’s nothing new and can be found online – although I love my art in books at my fingers (especially Sonic art). I have killed myself over pursuing a book like this for a LONG time. Would buy it in French if it doesn’t come out in English. Really anticipating its release! Come on Pix ‘N Love!!

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  142. Carrie, I love it when God does things like that. He is so amazing! You are not the first person I’ve heard tell a story about God switching money around–including myself. It’s always nice to go back and remember these times when it feels like God is waiting just a little too long to resolve something. This experience will always remind you that He cares and He is always there! Go play your tuba, baby, but…somewhere else. Maybe a basement???

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  166. Chris, what a blessing it is to know you and share life in Care Group. I have learned much from you! Thank you for openly sharing lifes struggles and victories, and always pointing us to Christ, his grace and his ability to redeem anything! Your wisdom & encouragment are a gift to receive, and i am so thankful for you. Love you much!Lydia

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