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  1. You really make it seem so easy with your pronsetatien but I find this matter to be actually something that I think I would never understand. It seems too complex and very broad for me. I’m looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the hang of it!

  2. I love your idea to sort them! That would be really fun for the kids & then you could do the smores after the sorting. I also think the stamping with them is a good idea too! You could use the giant ones to stamp yellow circles & use other sizes to stamp around the yellow in other colors to make flowers. Perfect summer activity!

  3. Occasionally, I force a topic on my children. I explain why to them beforehand, and explain that I expect them to learn whatever it is to the best of their ability. The Hebrew is important to you. I think you should tell the kids exactly why it is important to you. Maybe it would even be good to watch a few documentaries with him. My kids are much more amenable to learning things they don't want to learn if they realize there's solid logic behind it and/or what's in it for them.

  4. pisze:JeÅ›li zostaÅ‚abym projektantkÄ… mody zaprojektowaÅ‚abym jedwabnÄ… sukienkÄ™ w kolorze turkusowo-biaÅ‚ym w dość skromnej konstrukcji z brÄ…zowym pasem po Å›rodku,z którego bÄ™dÄ… zwisać biaÅ‚e plecionki ,przód sukienki bÄ™dzie zrobiony na bazie skrzyżowanych rÄ…k w postaci asymetrycznej a dekold zdobiony krepÄ… …tyÅ‚ marszczony z wyciÄ™tym trójkÄ…tem na plecach,lekko wydÅ‚użony ogon za kolana,przód oczywiÅ›cie krótszy,myÅ›lÄ™ że taki zestaw pożąda każda kobieta

  5. Anonymous July 24, 2011 4:40:00 PM EDT wrote:who, exactly, has determined that these devices provide improved outcomes, are less costly, and do not promote new errors?Someone must have, somewhere, while refuting all evidence to the contrary, or else our government would not be pushing these medical devices on 300 million people. Um…right?– SS

  6. What could I use in place of the eggs, if anything? My 2 year old has an egg allergy so fun recipes like these are always hard to replicate in our home. [] Reply:September 28th, 2012 at 8:33 AMHi Stephanie, Maybe another reader can chime in. I’m not familiar with egg substitutes, so I can’t help you there. Maybe a Google search?[]

  7. Reblogged this on and commented:Tahlia Newland runs a really interesting blog site for Indies Authors. Well! I would say that. She has given me a wonderful review for Orange Petals In A Storm. I will be featuring Tahlia soon on Plum Tree Books. The follow-up to Orange Petals In A Storm, Exaltation Of A Rose, will be available shortly. Many thanks Tahlia for the great review!

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  9. I’m not really not sure what to think of the clothes you tried on, it is not really fair to judge clothes as good or bad with you in them. Since every single aspect of your body is perfect, I really do not see how you could make any outfit look bad.

  10. I am starting my 3rd week of HT and have only lost 1 lb…I drink the directed amount of water and then some…no caffiene, excercise 3-4 x/week, have a healthy diet…I expected to be losing more weight faster??? I this reasonable? I want to lose 10-15 lbs total…also I take Paxil…does that have an adverse effect on HT? Any advice will be greatly appreciated…i’m VERY frustrated!!

  11. …We knew that he was sock-puppeting you Granny. Definately second your first ; ) along with the rest of the crowd.My last message might be a little confusing, so let me clear that up. I did not post this:The first post was me, but the one above is NOT.The first post was me, but I did not post this.

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  13. I seem to be all about the fives today. The image looks to me like something that’s just on the edge of taking its final form. Looking forward to reading the piece which accompanies it (and the rest of them, of course!).

  14. Die Zusagen GZ/ EG sind um 80% eingebrochen … aus Gesprächen von Unternehmensberatern mit Mitarbeitern des Arbeitsamts kommen zudem Gerüchte hoch, dass die Fördergelder angeblich vorzugsweise in den OSTEN Deutschlands transferiert werden und Gründer aus dem Westen auf der Strecke bleiben sollen. Offizielle Aussagen dazu gibt es natürlich nicht.

  15. 6000km,9000km,moj na satu ima 29000km,i skoro sve je uredno,odlicno radi,jos bolje ide.kupio sam ga polovnog prije nekoliko mjeseci i ne znam kako su ga prije odrzavali,ali po sadasnjem stanju,mislim da je bio pazen.jedino mi je trzao pri kretanju,tj vozeci na malim okretajima.zamijeno sam kacilo i sada je sve ok.jos ne znam kolika mu je rezerva od goriva?znam da mu je rezervoar nekih 6 litara,a kad mi kazaljka padne na rezervo,u njega stane maximalno 40 kn goriva…

  16. Os 3 jogadores do Braga aconselhados eram todos interessantes. Só não percebo porque é que mudou de ideias acerca do Carlão, não era o melhor em Portugal? No banco sempre era mais barato que o Lima, que sabe perfeitamente que nunca esteve ao alcance do Sporting. Quando um dia se fizerem as contas mais à séria ainda vão descobrir que o Freitas é mesmo um gajo à maneira. Sobretudo o pessoal dos 70 Milhões.

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  19. “Most towns have permit requirements for trees. My town is $150 per tree being planted plus they cant be above a certain height.”Most towns? Really? I don’t think I’ve even heard of that before.

  20. Basicaly it was the Land Rush to California during the dirty 30′s but basically the point is………Man’s Inhumanity to Man!That’s the point of that one…..then the next one “There will be Blood” IS the OIL Rush and displays somewhat the same evil as the Grapes movie…………….Today we have the Wind Rush and I don’t see much difference……..doesn’t anyone else share my opinion?…………if not then there is a huge “disconnect” here.

  21. ça reflète pas mal ce que je penses. Toutefois, pour ma part les vêtements sont plutôt secondaire mais j’ajouterais que pour moi ce qui est important c’est l’expression facial! Si le gars à l’air bête sur sa photo, ça m’indique qu’il ne rit probablement pas dans la vie alors je passes au suivant. Y’en a qui ont carrément l’air d’un tueur en série… :S Souriez messieurs!!! Très bon article Bouiboui12

  22. I have a dremel pet tool, but it only works on the slowest speed now and it really goes through the batteries. This corded tool makes dog nail grooming so much faster and less worrisome for me and my dogs (I have 3).

  23. It’s now three and a half years since I took the exam and wrote this – I imagine a lot has changed but you can see in my revision notes (linked above) what sort of topics you can expect to cover – in my opinion, sales experience is unlikely to be enough, unless you have been in technical pre-sales roles with some degree of exposure to IT operations ans system administration.

  24. nah, i know, im only teasing.i for one, wont be picking up black ops 2 on any format, even though black ops , in all it’s borkedness on ps3, and it’s less borkedness on 360, was actually my favourite once they’d fixed the lag and various other will no doubt be very good on mp, but i just see nothing really being brought to table to suggest worth paying £40 for (probably less on pc tbh)id much rather play bf3 or just stick to black ops for the peanuts it’s available for.VN:R_U [1.9.17_1161](from 0 votes)

  25. Joli mais bon à part Harrods qui livre à l’international ? Et puis cet étui ok, mais les derniers RAL Tom Tord alors là ouiiiiii ! Seulement voilà, à la question do you ship internationally c’est no… Sauf Harrods donc, ouf !

  26. Thanks Gerrit. Love Garry Wills. Indeed, George McGovern, Barry Goldwater, Bob Dole, and Jimmy Carter lost elections and went on to do great and good things with the rest of their lives.I think Wills' lines about Mitt Romney starting off by claiming that he would be to the left of Ted Kennedy on gay rights and ending up to the right of Strom Thurmond; or that he sold his soul and found out that it didn't have much purchasing power are spot on.

  27. Georgia CPS decided to use me as a test subject for mental health drugs when I was 7. Because, I did not freak out when my parents divorced. Those “medications” they forced down my throat has led to Schizoaffective disorder. Before those bastards got their hands on me I was a Normal 7 year old. I cannot afford medical care so I am forced to deals with this on my own. If not for my loving wife, I would have died a long time ago.

  28. Fio: creo que ambos tienen razón, Spinetta y Dylan son músicos que por la lírica de sus canciones también son poetas; al igual que Patti Smith y Neil Young.Lamentablemente me perdí el The Wall con Roger Waters, pero te deseo mucha suerte para puedas verlo.Saludos y muchas gracias por el comentario :D

  29. Pas vu le match non plus Karim, mais d’après le compte rendu, Verdasco faisait tellement de fautes dans le vent que ça a complètement déréglé Davy, pas sûr que ce soit le fameux match de mise au point attendu…

  30. I love camping but I don't go very often at all! I prefer to go with people who know what they're doing as I don't have the gear or expert know-how. Now I just need to find friends around Burlington who ARE into it!My favorite part is being "unplugged" from technology and spending quality time with friends.

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  33. Hi Todd – I am not sure where you visited, but it certainly does not sound like ALIF-ALC. With 2500 plus students and university educated staff (of mature age- not young men in tight tees)… it is a thriving institution. And it has not been a vast change as it has been a top school for a number of years.I hope next time you are in Fez you come and visit ALIF – the library and bookshop are superb as well.

  34. >くさぼう様う~~~ん・・・そうですね、決め付けたかもしれません、気をつけますね。でも弱い人、って決め付けもそれはどうなのかな?母になる事を選び、母になれたのだから強い人だと思いますよ。また、子供たちのためにも強くならないと、いけないのではないでしょうか?私は離婚も経験していますし、天涯孤独な身の上になり、いろんな大変な事が有りました。そんな中で自分が世間様に迷惑を掛けないよう、コツコツと努力を積み重ね、我慢する所は我慢して此処まで来ました。心から信じられない相手に、今の時代は多いほうの3人を産み、何もしてこなかった、仲良しな時もあった、ではおかしいのではないかと思っただけです。勿論心から信じていて、3人子供を授かり、なのに裏切られた方も世の中にはいらっしゃると思います。そういう方は本当に気の毒だと思いますし、現実的になかなか子供さん3人抱えてシングルにはなり難いだろうとも思うのです。>相談者さまへ問題は「これから」です。此処で優しい言葉をいくら並べても、相談者にプラスにはならないと思うのです。自分にも非があったと認め、何処が悪かったのか、何処までは大丈夫だけれど、何処までは駄目か、客観的に自分を見て考えなければいけない事は山ほど有ります。『何もしてこないで来た』も自分で「選んで」「してきた」ということです。今、貴女を頼りにしている子供達の為にも、未来をみすえて行動を起こして下さい。その行動が離婚でも別居でも元の鞘に戻るでも、あなたが決めたことならば良いのです。大切な事は憎しみに目を曇らせずに、自分がどうしたいかを大切にする事だと思います。そして「結果」を『子供たちに背負わせない事』この一つが大切な事です。

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  41. Qusto post mi commuove: il giovane cinefilo più fico della via Lattea ha fatto per l’ennesima volta centro. “Songs” è davvero un film di culto, ma sotterraneo, quasi esoterico. la sua palese “eccentricità” ha sempre allontanato i più. pensa che quando venne proiettato al Mifed, nel 2001, in sala c’eravamo io e due giapponesi che se ne andarono dopo mezz’ora…Citando il Kekkoz: “va assolutamente recuperato”!!!

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  43. bonjour Yves, je viens juste de faire votre connaissance par l’intermédiare d’un ami qui lit votre dernier livre « l’humanité .. là , sur votre article concernant la chasse, je suis un peu déçue, depuis toujours je hais ces sacs à viandes, ce sont des fous, des psychopathes, en liberté qui jouissent quand ils tuent…..les animaux et la vue du sang les font frémir….nous devions les tuer aussi, et nous réjouir….. je ne supporte aucune brutalité faite à un animal ; Patoun

  44. deci fericita posesoare isi tine parintii in chirie?hmmm…ff tare..alte idei:le poti da un credit preferential pt. Achizitionarea unui nou pat…investeste intr-un aparat de masaurat decibelii si fa o plangere oficiala:)..sau si mai tare contracareaza zgomotul cu cateva partide incendiare de sex..pastrezi uleiul si prezervativele

  45. Dear Tim The times we are living in right now is so sad. My heart is pained in me. I am sick to my stomach when I listen and see what is happening in the world to ignorant and innocent lambs. You have been on my mind for a few weeks now. May Father God have mercy on us all. Please pray with me for the fullness of His truth to be revealed to all soon. So much confusion, violance and suffering. We trust in Father God alone to make a way in this corrupt world. Very few can be trusted right now. I just wanted to share this with you.

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  47. No, Twin, I think you overreact at times. You want to paint shit to be you against the world. You against the unwashed masses. Touching but wrong. Who here is dead set against Alex? People ain’t fully on board with Smith, so you paint them as ‘haters’ so you can engage in the hyperbole you think others use against you. I don’t care either way, just don’t cry foul when you get called out on it.

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  50. Per marco "Un "c'entrare" da parte di martinobri? La correzione dei compiti in classe lo ha contagiato, si è immedesimato troppo nella parte dei suoi studenti."Per curiosità, in che senso ti sembra poco corretto? Ortograficamente, lessicalmente o come costruzione della frase?*C'entrare semplicemente non esiste in italiano, come non esiste *si vergognare, *ce la fare, *se ne infischiare. Il clitico va sempre attaccato alla fine del verbo all'infinito. Esiste centrare, ma è un altra storia.

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  52. I couldn’t resist posting the first thing that came to mind. Despite my affinity for shiny, lightweight road bikes with carbon/plastic parts, I really do like Rivendell. In fact, I would love to have a Quickbeam with about a foot of seatpost exposed (I would at least use an aluminum seatpost instead of carbon, so no heart attacks please). Seriously though, even though I don’t agree with everything in it, The Rivendell Reader is one of the best bike publications around.

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  59. I asked a children's librarian about a chapter book that I was trying to find. I didn't know the title or author and all I could tell her was that it was set in Poland at Easter. With a few other plot points and a description of the unique artwork, she was able to locate it for me. This was before computers were used to google info. The book was Wicked Enchantment by Anya Bast. Still a good book!

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  148. The Tory masses on here are displaying some overt stupidity… they all keep referencing the other 66% of RO’s and questioning their political leanings. As if Ed Stelmach and his team are so dumb that they would go and appoint a majority of Liberals and New Democrats to the RO posts?Why that’d be as dumb as not purchasing the premier’s own domain name…OH SNAP!

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  150. So thoughtful and sensitive, waking painful memories in all of us. As soon as it happened many of us realized that things would never be the same. Our views upon the horrific and senseless cruelty changed us as citizen and country forever. Thank you for this evocative writing. Your love and deep caring shows through each thought expressed. God bless our country, Love, Papi

  151. [70] dinkI appreciate that sentiment, but I think I may be off at least 10%, based on comps in my area. Considering that it is a desirable area of the brig, and near one of the best and most sought-after elem schools in the brig, I hope that I can get out without much of a loss, but I am not optimistic.

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