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  1. My favourite tutu of all time is the one my mother made for my daughter to dance her first solo in, that I taught her. It was pink and cream and had delfghtiul Winnie the Pooh fabric on it. From a distance it looked like a pretty floral print, but up close you got the most wonderful surprise. Perfect for a little girl!

  2. Hej Madzia Hehe okey jutro zrobię połowę i w niedziele zrobię połowę Postaram się skończyć to w weekend Hehe ta dziękuję bardzo A w środę praca klasowa z lektury taka końcowa Hehe a ja nie miałam na 13.30 tylko do 13.30 hehehehe A ty to masz szczęście!! Miłego dnia

  3. Bocs, hogy itt, de nem találom, korábban hol volt errÅ‘l szó. Találtam végre teljes Å‘rlésű TF réteslapot ( Auchan – ban ) és szeretném elspájzolni késÅ‘bbre, Vera, Te hogy fagyasztottad le Å‘ket, hogy használhatóak is maradjanak?? Köszi és bocs, ha béna a kérdés …

  4. "At very low incomes, life expectancy can be anywhere from 41 (Zimbabwe, GDP per capita $475) to 74 (Vietnam, GDP per capita $503)."And, Vietnam has a lower government share of total health spending.From only these two data points I might surmise the following:- Government share of healthcare spending isn't related to life expectancy.- There must be important factors other than healthcare spending that affect life expectancy – especially in Zimbabwe.- GDP/capita isn't a very good measure of anything at these very low levels.

  5. Roger Spencer | I am not so sure that Mitt has really given us that much in specifics, especially in terms of budget cuts to offset the huge tax cuts he is planning to do. The cuts detailed in this article would barely offset the revenue decrease from the tax cuts. And his plans for greater military spending have to be paid for somehow. Bottom line is that his numbers do not add up. And if he knows where the planned cuts are to fall, he should tell us before the election, not postpone them like the House just postponed the cuts to the food stamp program.

  6. La verdad fue un evento histórico, ya q nunk c había pensado en homenajear a los maestros jubilados, reconocer la trayectoria y la huella q han dejado en cada uno de nosotros MUCHAS GRACIAS maestros x aceptar la invitación que les hicimos de parte de la Directiva Magisterial 2011

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  8. I like the idea of unbundling powers or rights in general and of having a central authority which controls the army and settles jurisdictional disputes but isn’t involved in law enforcement (or even law making) and can’t overturn verdicts.

  9. I like my girlfriends because no matter what the distance or time apart, we can always stay connected and pick up the [life] conversation where we left it….I like my girlfriends because we support each other in good and bad times, no judgement, no conditions, and we always find a way to help each other feel better.

  10. Som vanligt så ser det urläckert ut Åse! Har testat många av dina recept och jag följer din sida dagligen för att få inspiration. Vart har du köpt tavlan ni har vid ert matsalsbord? En sådan hade passat perfekt hemma hos mig också! Kram

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  14. Dreambes, sérieux, tu souilles le nom de Ulver rien qu’en mettant ton casque sur les oreilles pour l’écouter. Tu calcules rien, t’es pas inteligent. Je pige pas comment on peu etre autant limité et écouter du son aussi bon. BrefCe chilhoods end est pour moi une réussite totale…..surtt si on le compare a wars of the rose…

  15. Hola, me regalaron sólo el micrófono, ya lo conecté a las terminales USB, pero no lo detecta, traté de utilizarlo con el juego sing it y se queda como si tratara de detectarlo, pero tampoco, hay algo que cambiarle a la configuración de la consola para activar los puertos USB ó algo parecido?, me pueden ayudar por favor?. Gracias.

  16. . If I relate it to cars then I think the kernel is like the engine. It’s the core of the car, without it the car wouldn’t move but if you just have an engine and nothing else you’re not going to drive very far. You need all the other bits that make it a car Thanks for reading and commenting, it’s appreciated.

  17. Congrats on all counts! I’d raise a glass, but I’m haingng tough with my no beer for 30 days test! As always, looking forward to following it all![] Reply:September 6th, 2011 at 7:20 amThanks Scott. I know that no beer for that timeframe can be a real challenge. You can do it![]

  18. I don't see signs for optimism at all. As far as I can see, the enemy is winning. I wish it were otherwise, but it looks pretty dire to me. The West is weak and Islam is on the rise. Where you get your sense of hope from is beyond me, but good for you. It's hard to feel so discouraged.

  19. Francesco · mercoledì, 28 marzo 2012, 9:41 amBe’, hanno grande leadership, carisma, autorevolezza, sono anche molto autoritarie. Il mondo è pieno di donne così. Sono più numerose degli uomini con tale habitus mentale. Poi non siamo il paese di Mussolini? Chi ci bastona ha sempre avuto successo e credito. Adesso ci bastonano con una pressione fiscale spaventosa e una spesa pubblica in continuo, forte aumento da decenni, che si dice incomprimibile, come i privilegi di Lorsignori/e

  20. Wow, you guys really want Chelsea to get back on its winning ways. But let me explain to whom ever how it works. Chelsea needs someone with b.m.t. (big match temperament). The only three people in the squad who is capable of delivering this that is grabbing the match or situation by the balls is Terry and Lampard. Terry is not the same anymore mentally (mentality wise) and Lampard will have a big part to play if we are to win any silverware this season. I don’t want to be the doomsday prophet, but I see it necessary to educate the uneducated. cheers!Reply

  21. A 2005 study by Dr. Julie Gerberding, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Donna Stroup, estimated deaths from poor diet and physical inactivity, had increased to 400,000 in 2000, up from 300,000 a decade earlier. But after scientists inside and outside the CDC agency questioned the death estimates, the CDC admitted making a calculation error, and lowered its estimate in January to 365,000.Obesity accounted for 57 000 deaths over 15 years in Canada. Give or take?

  22. à quoi pensez-vous? m’a demandé le neuro-psychiatre (éminent, le neuro-psychiatre est éminent par définition)à rien, a répondu mon cerveau, puis le neuro-psychiatre m’a appellé (j’attendais en salle d’attente que la consultation se termine) pour que je vienne le récupérer; il m’a demandé ma carte vitale, parceque mon cerveau, il peut toujours faire son malin, c’est moi qui signe les chèques.

  23. Susan, this looks lovely. I have to adapt it a bit as I don't have all the ingredients. I did notice, though, as I was adding up to make sure I was more-or-less in order with your basic lotion formulation, that you say the basic lotion is 70% water. This summer lotion is 58% water. Is there are a particular reason you've made it less for this recipe? Or have I misunderstood something?Thanks!Zoe

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  25. Happy belated anniversary! After we eloped earlier this year, we hopped on a flight to SF and had dinner at Chez Panisse in Berkeley. I would ALMOST go as far to admit that we might have eloped so that we’d have an excuse to fly to SF and dine at Chez Panisse. And I suspect that every year, our anniversary will mark another food-related adventure. [K]P.S. Mr. RGBistro’s family is from Northern Italy – so we have plenty of pictures of those hillsides too! Someday, I’d love to see it in real life.

  26. Thank you for sharing your reflections Shelly! I have learned so much from you over the past couple of years. I am so happy that we got to meet face to face in 2011 and I hope to catch up with you again in 2012. Happy New Year to you..I wish you joy and peace in this new year.

  27. #200 – How much cheaper do you think they can make the dollar?So your house’s value stays the same for the next 10yrs but gas goes $10 a gal, milk to $8, etc. As inflation forces costs ever higher that stagnated house value is less and less via the those inflationary pressures. This is the scenario the Fed. is currently trying to engineer.This is all assuming that wages rise with inflation.

  28. My Morning Jacket and TV On the Radio are both dark/edgy, as are Williams and Mann. Somber and melancholy are pretty much my moods of choice when it comes to music, with a few exceptions (Paisley would be one of them).And wouldn’t this hearts and flowers theory of yours carry over to movie as well? A Serious Man, Inglourious Basterds, There Will Be Blood, No Country For Old Men, Mulholland Drive, City of God, Pan’s Labyrinth… all dark. I’m DARK, man!

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  31. Loreen, great post! My mind, too, has been sending out tendrils into some of these possibilities for nonfiction. So glad to hear of this book because although I was a D&D geek in high school, I never connected to most modern computer games and I could use some more information on them. The possibilities of Second Life, and some of the more realistic information worlds seem quite natural, almost like living novels, and thus could be nonfiction carriers with some tweaking.

  32. AoR:So why follow along with the weasel-y defense of the celtic cross offered on this website? The cross is supposed to represent an “attitude.” That’s why it’s there. It’s not harmless, it’s harmful and quite on purpose. It is an insult and threat directly principly at muslim immigrants, and if there is some “collateral damage” (insult to Jews and other non-whites), then too bad.That seems to be a better take on the issue than Babs’, who rises to a position above all rational argument in order to maintain her fairyland illusions.

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  34. Thanks Ray and G-mama for your positive encouragements. It is still a long time to start work and an even long time to get my accounting designation. There is just no short cut. I do hope I will like this job and be able to do well at it.Will Wong

  35. 12 chazza shops – bliss! I would def have to give up work if i lived there as all my time would be spent shopping :o)How do you always find those beautiful tooled leather bags?? Ive been after one for ages but they never turn up here – you've got the magic touch chickadee :o) Scarlett x

  36. Hallo Hans,Ik vind het niet meer dan normaal dat ik, als ik een fout heb gemaakt, die ook corrigeer. Het was gewoon jammer dat ik het niet eerder ontdekte.Dank je wel voor je ontzettend leuke reactie!En heel veel plezier van de omslagdoek.Arrianne

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  39. The idea that this dish does not go with potatoes flies in the face of the fact that I grew up eating this on a regular basis, made by a gentleman chef from Budapest who escaped the Communist takeover in the 50′s. He served this over potatoes every time. This recipe is otherwise, the closest I’ve seen to his, great story & great recipe!

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  45. I like this and would like to implement it with a NSURL. I’d like to have the Alert view come up and ask for a number, the user enters a number which is added to a URL and then the url is then displayedI’d love to see how you would handle that and then use it

  46. Hi Meg, hope you are doing well. Glad to see Im not the only one, it alleviates the guilt! Thanks for the info on ‘Zombies’ – maybe I should look into it further and give it a little credit – the plant sounds adorable. Also glad you all knew what doozy was – so many people commented they had been hearing it for years… its nice to know some ‘slang’ words are still universal! Happy birthday to your nearly 17-year-old – how time flies!

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  49. If I understand the story correctly, the product didn’t become contaminated later – the nuts and dairy were already there, just not declared on the label. It doesn’t have anything to do with whether they’re perishable or not. Maybe I missed something, but the description in the article seems quite misleading to me.

  50. that if the power of God and the Seed spoke in man or woman it was Christ.” The second quotation is in Volume 1, page 304 [I.304]of The Works of George Fox. This 8 volume set is now out of print, but New Foundation Fellowship is working on a CD Rom of it, and I’m hoping we’ll have the first volume ready for sale sometime in the next few months. A couple of us are proofing and modernizing the punctuation of the 1831 version, which is a lot more fun than it sounds! Pat

  51. I did this tonight as a coworker has given up on her coconut milk adventure and I got a half gallon out of it. My go to green smoothie has been spinach, pineapple and banana so tonight I added the coconut milk. I can’t believe something this creamy is healthy.Â

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  59. Great piece, Daniel. Agreed. Karzai thinks like a Muslim. Obama tries to think like a Muslim, but instead thinks like a UC Santa Cruz grad from 1982…Columbia, etc. Israelis continue to believe in American good will, because most Israelis in the 'establishment' can not and will not embrace a true notion of Jewish sovereignty, in part because of the runny-nose hostility towards 'authentic' Judaism.And so the world goes round, and round and…

  60. Congrats on the win Big Mike. it was a pleasure to meet you and see your car again. My girlfriend and I talked about our favorite cars at the show and yours was our top pick. Please bring your road race car to next years show, Ill have to bring my 71 240Z. Niseiweek needs more Old J tin. Hopefully it wont be as hot next year.

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  147. I have the same feelings about New York. The pace, the crowded- ness, and all the stairs and subways cars wear on me; but Central Park is always my favorite place to be (your description of it being “a bit more sane” is spot-on!). Your photos are lovely!

  148. Rédigé par : R M | le 09 avril 2010 à 14:02 | Alertersuffit de renverser les pots « hermétiquement » fermés dès la mise en pot, plus d’air, il y aura (finies, les confiotes de mamie paraphinées (avec effectivement moisissure assurée – psittttt : des moisissures « alimentaires » (fromagères, for exemple) peuvent être des antiobiot’hic …je vais bien, merci !

  149. I’ve read Lolita. I would love to be open-minded about it but I just can’t be. I just don’t get it. There are many things I can deal with but that story and the POV of sympathy with Humbert Humbert (kidnapper and child molestor) – I just can’t. I’ve read Lady Chatterley’s Lover – and I know it’s a classic and scandalous for its time – but it’s not terribly shocking (now).

  150. Vieren: sur l’immigration sans frein, je me permets de vous faire remarquer que je parlais de la Grèce. Mais même pour la France 200.000/an + xxx clandestins, c’est à l’évidence bcp trop. Sur la répression contre les employeurs de main d’oeuvre clandestine et le renforcement des moyens de l’inspection du travail, 1000 fois d’accord avec vous.  347b445

  151. >It isn’t about the formula. Its about the quality of the Movie. If it were a good film, people would go see it.These are strange days we live in, and the internet can sometimes manipulate things in very powerful ways. For instance, the movie “Devil Inside” opened HUGE and it was a very well-made, low-budget movie. A very good film. But it got the worst word-of-mouth, the worst internet attacks, I’ve ever seen. And it disappeared almost instantly. Quality certainly counts for something. But there SEEM to be ways to use the internet to manipulate almost anything.

  152. Hmm, I'm wondering if we could sponsor a debate simultaneously with cardboard cutouts of the main party's candidates and completely steal the news away from the "sanctioned" debate which would be undeniably boring….My gut feeling is that a couple of YouTube clips could outmessage the official message…. After all, Crazy Eileen buried Mike Castle. Question for you, is could we pack a hall with people really genuinely interested in real government?Do-able?

  153. Hands down, Apple’s app store wins by a mile. It’s a huge selection of all sorts of apps vs a rather sad selection of a handful for Zune. Microsoft has plans, especially in the realm of games, but I’m not sure I’d want to bet on the future if this aspect is important to you. The iPod is a much better choice in that case.

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  155. , there are people out there that don’t know as much as we know or had it worse. We have to realize that whatever you’re sharing we’ll help those people. It’s not an easy thing to do but it’s doable. I think every person just has to ask themselves how bad to they want this. If it’s bad enough they’ll do it anyway.Great post Ken…~AdrienneAdrienne recently posted..

  156. I think you did a great job with your video! Thanks! My sons are going to start Backyard first then when they have more experience and will pay for half of their guns, I’ll get them some higher end stuff! You gave me enough info for me to know what to get them! GREAT!

  157. Fitz, JStew and Luck for Ray Rice and little else? That’s a blunder of historic dynasty proportions.You just traded away a 14 year career for the next Peyton Manning, a running back who will likely outperform Rice in a couple of years, and a Top 5 WR. And Baltimore just told Rice they’re not going to give him the Peterson/C. Johnson payday.Absolutely one of the worst dynasty trades I’ve seen in my 25 years playing the game.VN:F [1.9.21_1169](from 14 votes)

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  159. I now work with some tenants that used to attend the hospital i have only ever hear bad things about staff. e.g abuse to the tenants and so on can anyone elibirate on this and maybe even change my opinion of the place.?

  160. Having had to do this before with an briefly unattended pug and a basket of Easter candy, the peroxide works well as an emetic. They’ll usually just ingest it themselves if you dilute it in a bowl of water so it’s tasteless. Make sure they’re outside though. Because they’re about to do a chocolate water re-enactment of the Excorcist in like, 10 minutes.

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  165. Est ce vraiment une nouveauté chez les critiques cette inflation de superlatifs ?Contrairement aux critiques, les ados ont au moins le bon gout de renouveller leur vocabulaire à 100 % tous les 3 ans..C’est cool….Je kiffe.Enfin les ados se renouvellent plus souvent que les critiques.

  166. Thanks so much, Tim. I really appreciate people are thinking some of this through. I need to find/make time to look at Romans 15:4 more closely. Your translation is that of the New American Standard Bible. But it has no comma. I think our steadfastness/perseverance makes more immediate sense to me than that of the scriptures. And I suspect that is more why it was placed in the lectionary at that point? Do you have more than your statement – more of the reasons for it, please? Blessings.

  167. fab comentou em 6 de maio de 2012 às 19:45. julia na hora de mostrar os produtinhos tipo sombra, batom e blush, demora um pouco mais mostrando no vídeo, pra gente em casa podermos procurar uma cor parecida em nossas coisas, mesmo citando em baixo…

  168. Head to toe gorgeous as always. I love how the poncho is so blanket-like. I've seen the HH tights walk a dangerous line with trashy on one side, you pull them off very sexy but elegantly. Did anyone ask you about your hair on your Q&A? If not, you should tell us how you keep it so long and lovely!

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  172. “specific mention must be made of the fact that the Manual lays down that starvation blockades are unlawful and requires the blockading power to allow relief shipments if a secondary effect of the blockade is that civilians are short of food or other essential supplies.”Also exempt from attack are:“(ii) vessels engaged in humanitarian missions, including vessels carrying supplies indispensable to the survival of the civilian population, and vessels engaged in relief actions and rescue operations;”

  173. Ce qui marche ? La force. D’ailleurs, sur cette affaire de mariage homosexuel (et sûrement pas « pour tous », les polygames par exemple ; dans le fond, il faut reconnaître qu’il n’y a pas que la force, il y a la sornoiserie aussi), l’un des arguments est « on passe en force, même si la majorité est contre, les gens s’habitueront ensuite.

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  175. On the idea that “accelerated developments in AI and brain reverse-engineering could lead to the emergence of superintelligence in just 18 years” — how about just six years, a third of that time? Just today I have updated with the enhancement of a Transcript mode for human interviews with the AI Mind. It is now possible for “mind-tenders” or “AI therapists” to examine a session transcript and evaluate the internal thought processes of the AI. Mind.Forth is still buggy and still makes spurious associations from concept to concept, but it is the leading candidate to trigger superintelligence and a Technological Singularity by 2012 (six years from now).

  176. hi Lucy. As I understand it, there was a well-ordered split. Presbyterians who wished to remain presbyterian did so. And those who wished to join the Methodists to form the Uniting Church also did so.What we’re seeing here is something wholly different.

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  178. Functionality wise it is a good upgrade, it just looks downright ugly. It looks like an old version of the site, keep the tabs in the same design (blue when not selected). Just generally polish it up and make it look shiney and new. Also, use Hello instead of Hi.

  179. Bardziej chodziło mi o zwrócenie uwagi na zachowanie burmistrza i p.dyrektor,a nie o nagranie,chyba chórowi należą się jakieś przeprosiny za takie potraktowanie,podziękowanie miało być dla wszystkich występujących widocznie chór nie był tego wart.

  180. Ah mood swings and daughters, I can’t even begin to contemplate how much fun that must be. I just thought of another event, Non-Communication Dodgeball, the idea is to answer any parental questions asked but not really give any information away. Extra points are awarded for smart parents with savvy questioning techniques

  181. That doesn’t look too bad; exposure on the figure looks pretty good and the background can be cleaned up in about half a minute in Photoshop – not really the ideal way to do it, perhaps, but if you don’t have optimal equipment or shooting conditions, sometimes Photoshop is the best way to fix things (in this case, select the Dodge tool, set it to Highlights and an exposure setting of maybe 5 to 10%, and paint over the background).

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  186. Congratulations to everyone! There are some amazing musicians here.It's a huge letdown that this so-called "progressive" orchestra only included really *one* instrument that isn't normally in the symphony… especially when there were some really solid auditions by 'alternative' instruments.

  187. It’s all true, Michelle. I’m beginning to feel my age for the first time in my life. The upcoming generation is the first one to outnumber us baby boomers and many of them see our contributions as insignificant and irrelevant in this electronic age. Worse, though our contributions were foundational to theirs, it’s hard to argue that, at the moment, they look very antiquated. Besides, who has time to argue–it’s taking all my energy just to TRY to keep up.