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  2. Hey bro, John will be added to our prayers, and our troubles are described as a light affliction at best.2Cor:4:17: For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory;I hope your friend John is saved, because that, would be a serious problem. Amen bro, the Almighty was up to his armpits when he pulled me from the mire.Thanks for the praise bro.

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  4. anything nasty about your inlaws…. but explaining it all makes me understand why you get so frustrated. I'm so sorry that they are choosing things over love. I will be praying for you on the 17th hon…. I hope that things are settled and you can keep your pretty lil self out of his mother's ugly life forever.

  5. To March 30, 2010 9:18 PM,No one’s talking about suing. Its just all the BS the Mayor has been blowing out of his ass last week and all the name brand Paper Environmental groups who look very foolish in their support of the mayor knowing that the increase has nothing to do with Green Power and everything to do with transfers to the general fund.Yes, it may be legal, but that doesn’t make it right and it doesn’t make the Mayor or the City Council (Garcetti) honest – they are not.

  6. a.benjamin, Given that Israel has evicted a huge portion of the Arab population from their homes in Israel, it is lucky that it has not been destroyed. Your queston about how to defend yourself is helpful, and was answered by tw-newman above. “with restorative justice and a family counselling meeting.”Peace is in Israel’s hands, but it choose war instead.

  7. luis fernandesI was initially impressed with the high-ISO photos also, until I looked at the EXIF data and noticed that the flash had been activated.The two photos I looked at were the deli counter and the one with the strawberries (ISO3200 iirc).I would have kept the photos had I know they were going to be taken down.

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  9. Since YouTube hasn't brought up this subject yet (and I doubt they will,) YouTube needs to make it easier for users to report videos/users who either use threats, hate speech, spam, etc. I found a tutorial (from a YT user, not YT itself) on how to do this, and I had to go through 10 steps just to get to the complaint form. YT is so worried about copyright violations and underage users that it's ignoring more serious issues.

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  11. J’en pense que j’ai la VO depuis 2 ans et que la VF sera identique, donc parfaite. Quand on achete des rééditions de comics des années 80, faut s’attendre à des couleurs criardes et des petits défauts, ca fait le charme, dans les années 80, les couleurs et le lettrage n’étaient pas fait sur un ordinateur mais à la main.

  12. · I think the walnut-y moments help keep us sane for when we don’t have our shell?I’ve been hitting the gym again this past month too, and like you I am loving it! It is cutting in to my on-line time but I am happier for it (I used to boot up the lap top first thing in the morning, now the first thing I do is go to the gym!) and it’s forcing me to be more disciplined and focussed with my on-line time. Plus, if I’m getting too bored at the gym there’s always Twitter or Instagram on my phone…

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  15. COOL! I wish I had been in Whitehorse when they were all there. My dad started Skagway Air Service with a Piper Tri-Pacer. The business grew over three decades, up to 11 aircraft. They closed down the air service 3 years ago because they couldn’t get a mechanic to live in a town without a doctor. They still have 9 planes just waiting for buyers to come along. Want one?

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  17. 'Israeli dependence on the United States is not financial as most people think, it is mainly psychological'The peace process was Israel's attempt at a shortcut to peace by ignoring God and hitching a ride with their more preferred idol. You can't ignore God and get peace is the lesson Israel hopefully learns ?This shortcut Israel has chosen to religiously follow for 18 insane, crooked years has always led to Sheol.

  18. What about Rocky IV (1985), the US versus the USSR? We had Rocky, training in the wild with logs and stuff versus a hi-tech trained Russian opponent (who looks more like your archetypal Nazi). Given the state of the Soviet Union at the time, the training methods would be much more plausible the other way round. I recommend watching this film in Dungannon, where the (possibly drunken) audience decided to very vocally back the Russian (even though we suspected his chances were slim).

  19. i seriously doubt the “independence” of the tribunal. It reeks of scandal and whitewash. If the rules need to be changed why uphold a decision. Rotherham are going downt he same route as Leeds had to as the HMRC will routinely challenge every Football CVA proposal due tot he Leagues’s own rules. Why not make the HMRC an equal creditor to football related debt and we all know where we are. Deducting Leeds 15 point shas done nothing to solve the problem at all, it is just petty revenge from the grinning bufoon Mawhinny.

  20. ) VidÄ›la jsem film a ten je moc pÄ›kný, i když ten malý herec je jak z reklamy na zubní pastu… :D ChtÄ›la jsem se zeptat, jestli to je napsaný tak… s prominutím primitivnÄ› jako Letopisy Narnie. Páč já jako dítÄ› Letopisy milovala (seriál), ale kniha se mi kvůli jazykové úrovni dost zoÅ¡klivila. :( a možná i kvůli tomu, že vÅ¡e bylo tak nÄ›jak pÅ™edvídatelné… Díky,Káťa B., spolužačka ;)

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  22. You can do that! It's a great look, and now you have me thinking about my laundry "closet". I reorgainzed my "LC" a few months ago, but now the shelves are loaded with non-laundry related things. Sigh… Looking forward to seeing your new laundry.

  23. Hi Val – I have no idea why we drifted apart way back then. Maybe it was because I had just started dating Chuck? Who knows, but I doubt we had a falling out of any kind. And, I really appreciate all you and Kyle did for me when I was going through my divorce. It really meant a lot.

  24. There are some major changes that need to be made, but I don’t think any of the candidates for House, Senate, President, etc have the intestinal fortitude to do them. Sooner or later the people are going to have to start taking back the government, I’m just not sure I am going to be around to see it (and I’m pretty young too). I never had the desire to run for public office until I started working in the public sector. Too bad I know I would never be able to get enough backers to make a legitimate run at trying to change the system…

  25. Lori, “Stick to your guns” as they say. In my current “project” of working on a Dr. of Metaphysics degree, I’ve learned much. Regarding the subject of sex, I suggest seeing the movie, “The Sessions” – based on a true story and bound for multiple Oscars.Thank you,Joseph

  26. Jason Walker Agreed, Carolyn. I always go for it on the Ranch buffet. Open now in Monticello and soon in Lakeville, too!Pizza Hut in my Kansas hometown had a taco pizza. They wouldn’t deliver it, I guess because the tomatoes would make it too soggy during a 45-minute delivery run, but it was the best. Thin crust only. At least I remember it being the best … as an 8-year-old, taco pizza is food nirvana.I think Godfather’s might have a taco pizza that’s pretty decent, too, if there are still any Godfather’s around.

  27. The buffers have to be a fair distance from the end of the track, as they’re designed to slide along it to bring the train to a stop gently. It does seem a bit excessive here though, but less than half a car’s worth.I don’t think there’s any ambition to introduce four car trains though – they’d be longer than most trains on London Underground. The next capacity upgrade for the area is Crossrail.

  28. Aucune censure, chère Isabelle « lambda » (quelle modestie!), et – malheureusement – toujours pas de lettre anonyme me menaçant des pires sévices pour avoir dit du mal de « A Summer Place » ou du « Petit Fugitif ». Mais le poisson, même surgelé, ne tient pas plus de quelques jours à l’air libre. Raison pour laquelle j’ai remis celui-ci à l’eau.

  29. Jeg har også haft en stor glæde af at gå til psykolog og jeg ville inderligt ønske at det ikke var så dyrt nogle gange, for jeg tænker tit på ting, som jeg godt kunne have brug for at snakke med nogen om, men pengene afholder mig fra den.Den gang jeg gik til psykolog, og jeg havde været inde til samtale, hvis det så regnede udenfor, så jeg solen skinne. Det var en fantastisk oplevelse.

  30. 1. the first computers were not developed by or for the government.==============================Weren't the first ones developed for the government to solve systems engineering, logistics, and codebreaking functions, for the wartime military? Problems so big that no one else had them in sufficient quantity to order computers?

  31. How do you get a picture? I don’t want one; just curious.Is pretty much any comment approved, other than spam, or something like: “Someone go to John Smith’s house (123 Abc Ave) and beat him up!” for example?How are story ratings and comment posts saved so you can only vote once? IP?VA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 2 votes)

  32. Spectators and well stocked aid stations make a race for me. I think I’d have a hard time running a race like Big Sur where spectators aren’t allowed on the course. I need to see people cheering, even if they aren’t cheering for me.Aid stations are key since I’m a back of the packer, if the aid stations run out of stuff, I am NOT a happy camper!

  33. Rise in the prices of essential goods is one cause of ferment in the Islamic world. The other is our occupation of Islamic lands, which is deeply galling to all Muslims – it is not what allah ordained.It is why the first order of business for MB dominated Egypt, will be to re-start the war with Israel.

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  36. E’ in effetti impressionante come nel finale delle borse americane strappino al rialzo. Sembra che qualcuno non voglia che si scenda oltre certi livelli chiave. Bisogna vedere se è proprio così, e se questo qualcuno è tanto potente da dare la direzione al mercato. Ci vorrebbe la FED in persona per poter far questo, ma come corollario si avrebbe un parallelo indebolimento del dollaro, che in effetti sta avvendendo. Forse però sto sbagliando, è difficile capire questi movimenti anomali.

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  42. Freud’ a bir bilim adami (bence bilim adamindan cok, psikiyatrik gelisimler hakkinda kafa yormus, halada mantikli denilebilecek dahiyane tezler ileri surmus kreatif bir filozof, ama bilim adami tanimina uymayan) ve psiko-analitik teoriye’ de “bilimseldir” diyenlere cok guzel bir cevap.

  43. It’s really kind of amazing when you think about it – at this age, they’re only beginning to learn complex emotions like “remorse” and “empathy,” yet they already have “manipulation” down pat!

  44. This post reminds me of the necessity of reading the OT. Often I will find myself settling in the comfort of the things that I’m familiar with in the NT (which I’m sure that I will soon find out that I am not as familiar as I thought), but not be able to quite understand what the author’s saying because I don’t understand the context of when it was written in the OT. This provokes me to want to read the Old Testament not only for the stories but also that I would be able to get the bigger picture and be able to read the NT through the lens of the OT. I want to see Jesus throughout the whole Bible and be able to connect the God of the OT to the God of the NT because they are one and the same.

  45. Was? Fussball am heiligen Sonntag? Wo gibts denn sowas? ;-) Kleines Späßchen. Ich finde es cool und wie du schon sagst wird der Sonntag damit auch ein wenig ruhiger und der Junior langweilt sich nicht.Als ein wenig problematisch sehe ich es allerdings da ja recht oft ein Spiel auf nen Sonntag fällt, da würde den Jungs ja dann ne Trainigseinheit fehlen, oder?

  46. Jenika is an awesome photographer!!! And she was so much fun to work with too. The idea to shoot at the chandelier store was her’s and she took care of all the details. I simply showed up and “let the magic happen.” Everyone seemed to love the final product, particularly complimenting the photographer’s skills. Looks like you are going to have a long future as a successful photographer Jenika!

  47. Hm! Ok I never was against shepard dying cause the shepard story ends there and now its time for a new hero to step up, but the ending was just well bad and the endings were bad and werent different! I just hope they do a good job and if a new mass effect comes out we could avoid these mistakes in the future! Maby even allow us to play different races in the upcoming games and have even more diversity in the outcomes!

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  49. Another challenge risen to and met! Love the earrings nearly as much as the one in your last post (with the maxi sent by Sarah – can't decide whether I'd wear 'em or decorate the house with them if I had a pair like that).So, a life of booze, tempered with vegetarianism, lots of time spent outdoors at boot sales and festivals, plus swimming and daily exercise – is that your secret to avoiding colds??? x

  50. I think it is much more likely that we see a regression from someone like Shady McCoy this year. Super small scat back types like McCoy tend to wear down from overuse over the long run. Not too mention he will be playing behind a vastly inferior line this year without Peters. Shame Philly wasted what will probably be his best season on an average 8-8 team.

  51. Acho que é uma boa entrevista e não acho o timing errado.A referência aos jogadores ,que me parece a mais discutível,foi descontextualizada.Já disse que o Sporting precisa de alguém fortemente ligado ao futebol e ao clube para reforçar a SAD.Essa pessoa deve ter funções alargadas mas sem ter o poder que Luís Duque tinha.Se se confirmar que é MF, concordando com o post,acho que é uma boa escolha,e lógica ,dado o que já está no clube.PS:Continuo espantado com alguns comentários que vejo neste e noutros blogs.

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  53. Olá Ico. Parabéns pelo trabalho e por nos ires dando conta de pormenores que escapam a qualquer adepto que segue a F1 pelos meios tradicionais. A minha pergunta é a seguinte: Em matéria de emotividade, não ficaste, após esta corrida com a sensação de que a proibição dos reabastecimentos foi um tiro no pé? E para combater isto, que te parecem novas misturas de borracha intermédias, ou mesmo "amolecer" as misturas mais duras que se usam este ano, de modo a obrigar as equipas a fazerem mais paragens? Um abraço da cidade do Porto, Portugal.

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  55. I read too quickly at first; Breedlove did provide the desired data, but still, I would want a more representative sample than “women attending a street fair in San Francisco,” probably a heavily lesbian group to begin with.

  56. Även om Palle givetvis bör vara delaktiug i shopen så hoppas jag verkligen inte att det är där Palle lägger sitt fokus utan snarare hur IFK kan förnya och föryngra sitt tänkande inom marknadsföring (där kläder givetvis är en bit), kundservice och omvärldskommunikation. De kläder som säljs i shopen är en oerhört liten bit av verksamheten.

  57. Yeah, setuju, meningkatkan keterampilan rakyat akan mampu mendorong rakyat untuk menjalankan roda ekonomi, duh aku kok bahasanya kayak negarawaan ajaMudah-mudahan jika ada sedikit ketrampilan, hidupnya bisa berubah, tidak lagi duduk-duduk termangu menungu suami pulang bekerja membawakan uang… Makasih Mas Raffael sudah mampir.

  58. It is interesting to note also that the numbers keep getting revised downward – 2Q 2011 numbers are not as good as first reported. And QE3 is looming . . . yikes.Yet my world (higher education philanthropy) seems to be doing really well and I am engaged daily with very optimistic people. Anecdotal, I know – but the optimism is infectious. Sometimes difficult to reconcile the ‘bad news’ with the outpouring of generosity that I see daily.

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  62. Abby I hope you had a wonderful birthday! I am sorry you are hurting so bad and had to get a back poke. hang in there honey. God has you in His hands right now!Garrett…wow what can I say! God was in control the day of your accident! I praise Him for taking care of you and the others in that truck!

  63. Also ich weiß nicht, Christian. Hochwertige Teppichstoffe würde ich jetzt nicht unbedingt im Bad einsetzen. Ich bin zwar keine Innenarchitektin, aber ich sehe, wie die normalen Badvorleger schon nach kurzer Zeit aussehen, da wäre es mir ehrlich gesagt, zu schade, richtig teure Materialien hier einzusetzen.

  64. Francival, obrigado pelo aviso! Eu pedi para a editora trocar o capítulo 1 pelo 4, pois o primeiro é só uma introdução curtinha, que não mostra o estilo do livro. Agora está lá o capítulo 4, que tem 40 páginas de shell profissional, de graça.

  65. Anonimo 19 tienes razon a lo mejor se les fue la mano y tenian que lanzar la pagina despues xDDDDAnonimo 20 sabes que no lo habia visto de esa manera el titulo "Se avecina una tormenta"puede indicar:-que lo que viene no es nada bonito y feliz-que lightning esta en modo venganza (recuerden como apreto el puño en el final secreto del DLC) y que esta dispuesta a todo y hay que tenerle miedo.y lo de versus a xv primero muerto xD no deberas lo veo poco problable y mas de uno dira que enserio no parece ff.

  66. Our babies are about the same age and our schedule is similar except I feel we do a diaper change at every feeding. Also I feel like I’m constantly changing baby or me because of projectile spit up, which also means I do laundry every other day to keep up with the burp cloths, boppy cover, changing pad cover, bassinet sheets, swaddle blankets, etc, etc (and yes, I have multiple burp cloths, boppy covers, changing pad covers, sheets, and blankets).

  67. As Doug points out in his thesis, it may be possible that rick allen is holding onto a hope, just not one of Salvation, but of condemnation. It's always warm/fuzzy to imagine one's enemies "getting theirs" in Hell, or whatever. Yet, simple enlightened self-interest tells us that, if they are to be judged, so will I, and none of us will be in Paradise this, or any other, day.

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  77. Looks great! Wish there were more pics of the restoring process. I particularly like the notches in the bumper for the exhaust, just one of the many very nice touches I see that you did. Props to you and your dad, not much can build a tight bond with the "old man" like building a car together. My dad and I have done it a couple times, and now I have my 6 six year twin boys in the garage "helping" me with my projects.

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  85. I dig on the rugged minimalist style, but the low-slung exhaust is at odds with the intent of off-road suspension and engine guard plate. Nice shiny pipe just hanging out there waiting for a rock or stump. Contrast that with the Scrambler’s high pipe routing, built to avoid that kind of problem.

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