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  1. I wonder what happens when you remove a set of measure zero (like bipartite entangled systems with degenerate Schmidt coieticefnfs) from quantum theory? Does anything nasty happen?

  2. LoriI think this kit is good for moms like me who are self-professed non-cooks, don’t really know where to begin making foods for baby (or myself much of the time!) and don’t already have the proper tools on hand. I struggle constantly with ideas for new recipes even now that my kids are past baby food, and this cookbook is a great way to get inspired. I could totally see how more foodie mamas would likely already have a decent setup in the kitchen, though!

  3. guss /Thanks/merci.Those kind of people got one fixed idée : save their power that’s all. They don’t event care about their own citizen, like all dictatorship…Ce genre de personne ne s’accroche qu’à le religion uniquement pour le pouvoir. Ils ne pensent même pas à leur propres concitoyen, comme dans toute dictature.Bye/bonne soirée.

  4. Hi Dave,Thanks for the comment, about MacIntyre I would say go for it. You should start at either 3 Rival versions or After Virtue (After Virtue is his most important work). And I am turning in a paper on tuesday for my PhD seminar where I seek to appropriate MacIntyre for Quakerism – if you want a peek I’d be happy to pass it your way.

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  8. But that’s not all!What it happens when money is missing?Remember the birds and dead fish ? ; listenUsually when you cut in budgets, companies have a tendency to deviate from normal environmental procedures the result is : toxic spills in the waters (dead fish) and propagation of toxic cloud into the air (birds) ect … this is nothing new !So you see why I have great difficulty to imagine Elenin behind that !Some terrestrial thing may seem very strange for us!

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  11. As a young divorcee I'd rather people not know that I was ever married. The subject is still wrapped up in feelings of failure that I don't want to discuss publicly. My boyfriend, who is in his 40s, does confuse seem to confuse people – he's never even lived with a partner! People don't really know how to imagine someone wanting that.

  12. AtDeHyDi säger, läs min barndom,(dagens inlägg summerar de första åren av tonår med ad/hd utan att veta om det)jag menar på fullaste allvar att mina barn slipper den varianten tack vare tydliggörande pedagogik samt centralstimulantia!CS = OBEROENDEAmen (från en trogen ateist)

  13. Danny,This made me think of the old Harry Chapin song. What was it…? ” Cats in the cradle and silver spoons” or something like that. I have no son and our daughter is grown. Our grandson Dylan has only a part time dad and ME as far as father figures. Thanks for this message, or maybe I should call it a reminder.Mark S.Friday, December 19, 2008 – 09:18 PM

  14. 3. Dezember 2012 um 16:53Die dicke Berta ist ein Triathlet aus dem Marathonforum, der leider nicht schwimmen kann und deshalb nicht in der Weltspitze zu finden ist.Dafür ist er aber hier spitze … doch ihr da vorne, nicht aufgeben, Berta muss demnächst die eine oder andere Woche aussetzen.

  15. Still remember 9/11 when the people were trapped alive and finally died under the Trade Center in the subway. I know we can’t back down from these people but the whole point here is the price of real estate close to Manhattan. The threat is still real. Economic Terrorist Targets:BanksFinancial InstitutionsImportant bridgesNew York HarbourThe Lincoln TunnelThe Holland TunnelPost OfficesEmpire State BuildingThe New World Trade Centre (when it is finished being built)Wall StreetNew York Stock ExchangeNew York power grid (a Pinch or EMP bomb)

  16. Hi Adrian,You have picked up on the exact point I am struggling with at the moment. The delicate balance between encouraging others to gain in their own capacity and where external intervention is required. I would say this has been my biggest challenge so far which is also complicated by how far should a volunteer intervene. As for water stuff, I am going to e-mail seperately to you as there are some funds available but I am worried about delivery from a resource point of view.I will keep you informed.Rog

  17. Thanks for posting this, and I agree all Jews need to save this date. I do have to say, that as a great-granddaughter of Polish and Russian Jews who survived many pogroms in Europe, the last thing I would do is flee to the EU should I need refuge.The only homeland is Israel. The only refuge is Israel. There is only one Jewish people.

  18. Cartea : Izbaveste-ne de rau, pag. 142-143, Ravi ZachariasDa, intr-adevar e destul de greu sa separi pacatul de pacatos, sa-l condamni p eprimul si sa-l iubesti pe al doilea, neconditionat, asa cum doar Dumnezeu o poate face. Pentru asta trebuie sa-ti oglindesti fata tot mai mult in chipul Lui si sa devii tot mai asemeni Lui. Greu, dar nu imposibil. Asa sa ne ajute Dumenzeu!

  19. …thanks for that family friendly lazar kaganovich wikipedia link…it’s hard not to notice that wiki pages dealing with mass murdering leftist scumbags are consistently and lovingly sugarcoated…which shouldn’t come as a surprise since truth is the first casualty of war and the leftists are in a permanent state of war against humanity.

  20. While I applaud E S-W and wish her every success, it does sound as if she's being a bit disingenuous presenting herself as any old housewife. She's a serious political figure, and is holding a bit stick with which she is poking a hornets' nest. I agree that the problem is the hornets, but there are still a lot of people who'd prefer to live with them if she'd just put down the stick. As someone engaged in political action, she needs to understand where they're coming from.

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  22. For reference the last fatal accident caused by pilot error at United was almost exactly 32 years ago, the DC-8 that ran out of fuel outside of Portland, OR. Compare that safety record to the other airlines and you'll see we do things pretty well.

  23. Miao, mukava että piipahdit tänne :)voi kuule, hyvältä näytti ne teidänkin leipomukset – koristereunalla oikein!! :) :) Hei täytyy muutenkin kysyä sulta joku kiinalainen herkkuresepti ihan lähiaikoina.. ostin jo jotakin öljyä valmiiksi (Kylie Kwong kokkailee sillä aina kiinalaista tv:ssä).

  24. this man is genious, im glad to see politicians with brains. islam isnt terrorism, a few terrorists claim to be muslim-not muslims claim to be terrorists. also, since when did this become an islam vs judaism issue? why is everything so religously charged nowadays? the US is SECULAR, meaning we cant pick ANY sides, let alone build foreign policy based on the bible and its beleifs. we can be AMERICAN without any other label, but if you must MUST know then we can add some clarifiers like faith

  25. Hai perfettamente ragione, Jam: non è bello presentato così, non so cosa farci però. Tu come ti spieghi il fatto stesso che il fenomeno sociolinguistico prometeico esista ? Mi sovviene Lynn Picknett, autrice del libro “Storia Segreta di Lucifero” , che propone la vera differenza tra Monoteismo e NON-Monoteismo come schierarsi pro o contro “Prometeo”, figura positiva in Occidente, ma che invece nella Tradizione Semitica diventa “Satana” come figura solo negativa.

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  28. BWA HA HA HA HASooo, the Enquirer retracted their claim. ROTFLMAO… I guess so if they didn't want their asses sued to the knees for a bold-faced lie. Too bad, so sad the losers thought an asinine story would be true. My President is no Bill Clinton. He Loves Michelle. She is his Queen. They'd better get it through your fucking head that he and Michelle will be in the White House for a long time. Pathetic bitches!

  29. Jeszcze trochę i wykopanych nie będą składać ponownie do grobów, ale zabiorą na demonstrację 29go września. W sumie to niech zabiorą i rezydenta z Wawelu. Niech zabiorą i sobie gdzieś tam trzymają. Byle nie na Wawelu

  30. You just have to see the palns to realise that almost the entire route in through non-residential areas. Who exactly is going to use this? It seems to be geared entirely toward serving a stadium that doesn't now and may never exist. I think it's time we asked if the Ashton Vale stadium has already been given the green light behind closed doors. The whole thing smacks of corruption and back-handers.

  31. Just been sideswiped by the patriarchy. The student union of the university I work for is being stupidly misogynistic, again, and my specific department had joined in.Also, I’ve discovered that a film is being made about Wikileaks, which seems really inappropriate as Assaunge is still under investigation, and Cumberbatch is playing him. WTF?

  32. This tart looks like heaven! Chocolat eon chocolate plus nuts – amazing! And I bet that crust works will with a number of fillings. I love chocolate and orange and I'm thinking it could be good with a sort of orange curd filling too. Yum!

  33. Btw, I just realized I forgot to mention that MariaDB does contribute security fixes to Oracle (and Percona) as a matter of policy. An example was the recent “login as any user without password” vulnerability, which they also found themselves and disclosed with “responsible disclosure” approach.

  34. >Jacques CDemain sera l’anniversaire du jour dans lequel j’ai recommencé à « écrire » ici. Un bail ou presque une peine minimale d’un an pour les blogueurs ?

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  36. In a research proposal (i.e., for a specific postdoc), what is the appropriate length of time for revising a dissertation for publication? My instinct is, for a 3-year program, to devote 2 years to revision/publication, and one year to the new research project. Is this too slow, too fast, too hot, too cold, or just right?

  37. · What a birthday! Oh, how I love your travel posts. Murdo and are terrible at birthdays — on his 30th birthday weekend, I had nothing planned, except to move into our new house, ha! Here’s to another great decade of adventures.

  38. Personally I don’t think you need to write reviews about books to be a “book blogger”. To me the conversations and ongoing discussions about books and reading are what I treasure about chatting with my blogging friends.I totally get the avoiding requirements thing. That’s why I rarely do challenges or readalongs and now fewer and fewer review books.Read what you want, when you want and review it or not depending on what you feel like. Just keep talking to me about books, life and the universe and all will be fine.

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  41. I think I see what the problem is, but unfortunately I have no time to fix it at the moment. It also does not have priority for me, as I always export as POV, and then render the image with POV-ray. I suggest you do the same.If you really need the TIFF, PNG, JPEG, BMP functionality, your link to the finkports website appears to give the solution. The files on that website are patches (diff-files), so if you learn how to use them and make the suggested modifications to a few of the files, maybe it’ll work…

  42. Indeed, when you re-pin chrome on the taskbar, you'll have only one icon instead of 2. But I had the same problem here with Internet Explorer and I did the same trick, and that works too. Can anyone tell me if Chrome is really the cause of this? (I don't use frame btw)

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  45. Thanks guys!Leah, don’t you mean “yes *we* can!” ? *G*Jandy, he tries not to beat me up too much. I’m just a wuss. Becky, thanks. I got a 90.5, so I’m happy all around. He just wrote me a recommendation for Columbia, too (the other was for Wesleyan). He’s tough, but he’s fair. And I’m not just saying that because of the recommendations he gave me. Really.

  46. Hi Sue, since reading your posts on presentation skills, I have discovered FlickR and have started using the images for my blog and presentations. However, I am also finding it time consuming finding images that have a creative commons license and I am too lazy (and always leave it too late) to email people for their permission to use images. So, is there an easy/quick way to finding images that have creative commons license other than trolling through them?

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  48. Even the reference to Finkelstein stimulates rage rather than reason.Its possible to carry multiple truths. Try it. It more resembles reality than insult.Did you get the degree of offense that Finkelstein leveled at traumatized holocaust survivors, by his title?There is a point that the holocaust is evoked for political appeal, and there is a point that some idiots dismiss the reality and real significance of it.

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  50. I’ll have to google the requirements for Sainthood; I’m not sure I’d qualify even if I try really hard. I appreciate the sentiment, though. I’m not at all sure why we’re so hard on ourselves. Maybe we can help keep each other in check.

  51. Great entry to the competition Richard. A nicely written article. And it is about my home city! Best of luck. Have you been to Corrour Station in Scotland- this is where they film the scene in the countryside when they get off a train in the middle of nowhere?

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  53. It may be that action is taken in the form of a clandestine black op attributed to a lone muslim lunatic or lone NBP lunatic but action will be taken.Clearly it would be in the best interest of the Nation for SCOTUS to legally remove bo with the assistance of US Marshalls, Secret Service and US Military so that it is signalled that we still have a functioning government despite the radicals in bo’s DO “justice”, congress & bo’s will incite his lawless thugs to riot just as he and odinga did in kenya, but the rioting can be contained in the ghettos if the government acts quickly and decisively.

  54. Thanks for that Chris,I don’t know a soul who has been (or at least will admit it). Living over the street from the “Medieval Banquet” I’ve often wondered just how dreadful it could be. Seems I wasn’t wrong.

  55. lol I visit a CERN music video and people are arguing about GOD as with 90% of the science videos I watch on here…rarely do they ever talk about the science itself. My gosh, you’re not going to become mathematically intellectual by understanding algebra in a calculus course in the same way you don’t prove your intelligence by arguing religion. I’m sick of how atheism has become a portal for people to ‘prove’ their intelligence…the matter almost has faith in itself.

  56. I’ve only eaten in Chapter One once and was utterly underwhelmed. I like Talbot 101 and remember there are a few very nice little Italian inspired restaurants on Talbot Street down by the Shopping Centre. The Peoples Cafe on Caple Street also does a great Chinese.

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  59. Assalamulaikum Dr,Saya tertarik dengan apa yang telah Dr usahakan. Dihati ini baru ade cetusan untuk menyumbang ke al aqsa tetapi masih kosong. Sebelum ini ada membuat kerja2 amal di Kemboja dan ini adalah tahun ke 3 saya disana. Apa yang Dr paparkan telah menyentuh hati saya tetapi saya tidak tahu bagaimana hendak bermula, dimana dan apakah langkah seterusnya dibuat untuk kearah ini.

  60. Really Bev – your colouring is always fantastic and what little I've seen of your Copic colouring is great. You know what they say "Practise makes Perfect" – just GO FOR IT!!This is one fabulous card – brilliant papers, colours and fab details – love that Dexter.Huggles Heather xx

  61. .” To which I reply that he’s not exactly my target demographic. In fact, when I shared my boudoir photo post last month on my Facebook page, my teaser for it was, “Might want to sit this one out, Dad.” Which Julie Gardner promptly deemed “the best teaser to a post she’d ever seen.” Now that’s high praise!

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  64. As an LA resident formerly in the real estate biz, I can tell you that entertainment connected gays comprise a massive conspiratorial influence on all aspects of that business and many others locally including real estate. This is exactly the sort of statement that can't be proven and would be vociferously and vigorously (need I add hysterically) denounced.Nonetheless, it is true and everyone in the area knows it. Google "Hollywood gay mafia" for a strart; but keep it close if you ever want to have lunch in this town again.Cheers,-C

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  66. trugunJuly 29, 2011 at 8:51 pmJam, the simple answer to your question is Wenger wants him Wenger knows how he wants every thing to fit and he believes Jagielka is the solution. With Samba if he wanted to leave why sign a new 5 year contract? Jagielka is affected by the greed/desperation of his club, moneybags city and chelsea aren’t in the hunt and those who are more accountable will not pay 17 mill for a player with 1 year to go. You can see how desperate Bolton are with Coyles interview today but until they get realistic nobody will pay least of all Arsenal.

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  68. >>nynjguy: Any real idea why they want out of the contract (not buying the cocnessions excuse)i’m going to take a wild stab and say they found another buyer at a higher price. or someone talked into their ear saying they could get more and they were stupid for agreeing to the current structure. they have no wiggle room so stick to your guns. that’s why you pay lawyers big $$$ to negotiate on your behalf.

  69. Sonia, que tortilla más divertida, me gusta!!! así tant gordita!!!Ya hice el pan y salió riquísimo. Muchas gracias por las indicaciones. Ya he hecho dos, el que lleva canela y el pan de molde artesanal, el normal, y los dos salieron fantásticos. Un fuerte abrazo!!!

  70. Steven,Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and to describe the changes in this presentation. I know when I've given presentations on the same topic in different conferences, I have not been able to help myself in avoiding adding and changing them, so it does not surprise me that there is so much new content in your JavaOne version. I'm looking forward to your presentation.Dustin

  71. Heureusement que ça sent bon les champignons qui cuisent dans la crème dans ma cuisine car sinon, je crois que je tomberais raide ! ;o) Superbe, ta recette, et plaisante, ton ambiance … Comme d'hab, quoi … ;o)BisousHélène

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  74. My intuition tells me that no one will be handcuffed, there will be no perp walks, and business will go on as usual because the majority of Americans will be satisfied with a civil case. Bummer. Where’s the outrage? Where’s the porn? At least let us have some free porn since the SEC has been indulging themselves so generously.

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  79. Just have to say I think it strange that so many people think Mitt talking about his Mormon religion is so important and needful.I would think people (including me) would be bored to tears to hear someone going on about their religion, which ever one it should happen to be.

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