2014-07-20 at 11-42-58

2014-07-20 at 11-42-58

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  1.   November 27, 20ngcasFi1atin1, sounds as if you all ended up in the right place, after a long, roundabout journey to get there. I like the way you come to blogging! Best wishes!

  2. oh, *lord* don’t remind me. The first time I saw a trailer for that I honestly thought it was a joke. Only played the first one, and couldn’t finish it because the camera movement made me queasy, so maybe I just never heard enough of the plot to understand how medieval middle east and renaissance italy -> american revolution is a logical progression, but *still*…

  3. And how about organizations which — except for the three-headed God — pay the expenses for bloggers to attend simply to generate buzz about their events.If anyone is still having the argument of bloggers vs. journalists, this practice (hardly confined to The Ladders) ends the argument right there. Journalists only sell their words to their publisher, not to their subjects.Though I was delighted to see in your case, Mark, they got a really rotten deal.

  4. Noh vanhimpia tietokoneita on noi romut tossa nurkassa :D tosin niitäkin voisi ehkä kuvata – ei ehkä koneita mut komponentteja (btw – saa tulla koppasee ilmasiks koneita :D vanhaa rautaa!)Nintendoo en omistanut junnuna joten se ei nt onnistu :D tosin tosta olis saanu hauskan kuvan :)Kiitoksia ideoista!

  5. Scusate, Paolo permettendo vado un attimo OT. Stanno diffondendosi in queste ore, tramite i blog, . Ho cercato tra i vari siti anti-bufala linkati qui e pare nessuno ne parli. Dovrebbero quindi essere autentiche.Esistono limiti alla stupidità umana?

  6. Tomi, kun patsastelit eräällä muulla palstalla olevasi suurin piirtein logiikan Hieronymus, teepä ihan itse päätelmäsi. Seurailen myös Vihreää Lankaa (olenko viherhihhuli?) ja Aamulehteä (olenko kokoomuslainen?) ja kaiken lisäksi Hesaria (olenko erkkolainen?). Pahinta lienee se, että olen joskus äänestänyt vasemmistoa (ilmiselvä komari!). Miten kysymyksesi ylimalkaan liittyy käsitteillä olevaan tapaukseen?

  7. Honestly, I mean. I don’t think Amanda deserved to have died. Or been treated that way, but the way she treated herself she is not someone that should be worshipped. She shouldn’t be a role model for “this is why bullying is bad” Just because she has a pretty face. :c She did a lot of stuff while she was alive that had negative impacts on others as well.

  8. Thanks for the review. I had forgotten about this series. (I don't have cable so I couldn't watch it on first broadcast, but I had heard of it.)I don't like to wallow in too much "gritty" but I like a good dose now and then. I have a high tolerance for language, and if the political incorrectness is justified by character, I don't mine. (I really enjoyed Gran Torino, for instance.)This makes me think I might want to give it a try this summer.

  9. Liebe Ursula,der Rock ist wunderschön! und, wenn ich Röcke tragen würde, würde ich auch gern einen haben wollen ;O)Ich wünsch Dir einen herrlichen Sommertag!♥ Allerliebste Grüße Claudia ♥

  10. Why is it that every month, we get this “fantastic news” in the housing market from the MSM? It’s been going on for 2 years now. The housing bulls have still not been actively eliminated. No bottom…no chance at all. They are like a coach in the 9th inning with 2 outs and a full count down by 11 runs screaming “there’s no time in baseball”. Actually, that’s a bad analogy, unless the government decides to permanently postpone foreclosures.

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  12. Actually, Djinn, while I indeed have a broad range of qualifications and experience, in a number of unrelated fields, there are vast segments of human activity I know nothing about. I do my best never to say anything about them. But yes, swathes of the discussions on this website fall into the areas I’m very well qualified to address. More so than many of the other people who comment here, tho I don’t recollect you complaining about their occasional unfounded comments.

  13. Cześć Tomku ! Fajnie że dołączyłeś Jesteś najstarszy w Gronie MP i tylko 3 lata młodszy ode mnie Cieszę się, że jesteś z Nami i że Masz tak wiele wspaniałych marzeń Wiesz że Wiara czyni cuda prawda? Wierzę razem z Tobą że wszystkie Twoje pragnienia się spełnią

  14. i need a better handling for playlists!the uploadtool isnt perfect because i cant choose enough options and have to edit every vido again.uploading and editing the videos is not fun atm.insight is gone very very bad. i want to see how much people exactly visited my channel and watched wich video. why did you remove this feature?

  15. >くさぼう様う~~~ん・・・そうですね、決め付けたかもしれません、気をつけますね。でも弱い人、って決め付けもそれはどうなのかな?母になる事を選び、母になれたのだから強い人だと思いますよ。また、子供たちのためにも強くならないと、いけないのではないでしょうか?私は離婚も経験していますし、天涯孤独な身の上になり、いろんな大変な事が有りました。そんな中で自分が世間様に迷惑を掛けないよう、コツコツと努力を積み重ね、我慢する所は我慢して此処まで来ました。心から信じられない相手に、今の時代は多いほうの3人を産み、何もしてこなかった、仲良しな時もあった、ではおかしいのではないかと思っただけです。勿論心から信じていて、3人子供を授かり、なのに裏切られた方も世の中にはいらっしゃると思います。そういう方は本当に気の毒だと思いますし、現実的になかなか子供さん3人抱えてシングルにはなり難いだろうとも思うのです。>相談者さまへ問題は「これから」です。此処で優しい言葉をいくら並べても、相談者にプラスにはならないと思うのです。自分にも非があったと認め、何処が悪かったのか、何処までは大丈夫だけれど、何処までは駄目か、客観的に自分を見て考えなければいけない事は山ほど有ります。『何もしてこないで来た』も自分で「選んで」「してきた」ということです。今、貴女を頼りにしている子供達の為にも、未来をみすえて行動を起こして下さい。その行動が離婚でも別居でも元の鞘に戻るでも、あなたが決めたことならば良いのです。大切な事は憎しみに目を曇らせずに、自分がどうしたいかを大切にする事だと思います。そして「結果」を『子供たちに背負わせない事』この一つが大切な事です。

  16. It seems like Bud Selig’s stupitidity will continue to haunt baseball. The trial is set for April 5. Another baseball season starts with PEDs as a major topic of conversation. Great idea the Mitchelll report. It was supposed to put the Seroid issue behind us but it seems to have put it front and center, year after year……

  17. meters. You can read a lot more on 440 Yard and Races from an earlier blog post where Tommie Smith ran 44.5 and 44.8 for 440 yards in the same race. I am reflecting on my last race at WMA 2007 where I ran the 200 meters in lane

  18. According to the Article 341 of the Constitution, if the proposed amendment comes from the National Assembly, it must be discussed and approved by the majority of its members (as the term “qualified” is not written, it’s assumed is a simple majority). But if the proposal comes from the President or from 15% of registered voters, it could go directly into a referendum in the following 30 days.

  19. Following you on bloglovin'! I'm new to it, but when I saw this dress I knew I had to enter! By the way, I love your blog, you are so gorgeous!I would wear the dress with my lilac purple maxstudio strappy heels and my small bcbg gold and black clutch-handbag. I would also wear my great great grandmother's cameo brooch as a necklace.

  20. No, no lo he insertado. Aunque me parece una buena forma de obtener dinero, sin necesidad de usar la típica “donación”, con la publicidad del blog (aunque ahora no tenga adsense), la venta de palabras, el listado de empresas, no quiero (por ahora) que el blog dé la sensación está pidiendo dinero constantemente…No lo descarto para un futuro…

  21. jason, from you, that’s quite a compliment! I haven’t gotten a new camera recently, but I have been doing some shopping around. I’m thinking about waiting for the Sigma DP2 to come out, but there seems to be a big debate about the release date. I was thinking about the G10 too (since you recommended the G9), but the Sigma looks really cool.

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  23. I have crated my WO app using WOLips on Eclips and everything runs from the command line when I deploy but when I try to run it through Monitor I get the following error:Application: WOAppNameError: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException exceptionReason:java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetExceptionI believe this is coming from the cgi adaptor but I have not been able to get the Apache 1.3 or 2.2 adaptors to work. Can anyone help?Thanks

  24. bia lopes comentou em 10 de novembro de 2011 às 00:32. Que make mais fofo e charmoso ! adorei a ideia de delineador marrom e ainda por cima feito com sombra ! 2 perguntinhas júlia, vc nao tem mais finalizado a pele com pó? por que ? e vc consegue achar pra comprar apenas as borrachinhas do curvex ? aqui na minha cidade nao acho so elas pra vender e acabo comprando sempre um curvex novo qndo a borrachinha reserva q vem junto se desfaz ! Eu uso curvex da Marco Boni ! Bjusssss

  25. Celso Azevedo • 20 de Fevereiro de 2011 às 20:32Olá, pensava que te referias a adicionar o vídeo através de uma opção que existe no editor visual ao criares um post. Se ele não aceita mesmo o código html, então pode ser mesmo algum problema.Uma coisa importante que podes ainda não saber. O código que o youtube agora dá é com um iframe e se o colares na tab “html” e passares para o “visual” ele simplesmente desaparece. Penso que não é isto, mas…

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  27. Interesting, I did not know all this. I know my daughter is being taught that all the ills of Central and South America were caused solely and completely by colonialism and the US. So history is being rewritten daily whenever socialism fails. Does she go to school at Columbia, Berkeley? No, University of Wyoming! Heaven help us.

  28. I do believe that we’re talking about an update that will bring to the game something a bit more complex, similar to the Hotel for example, but we can’t be sure at this point: it could be nothing but a new theme with decorations and maybe a new business or two, which wouldn’t be as exciting as being able to somehow manage an Amusement Park in Cityville!

  29. Bij mij is dat toch nog altijd een eekhoorn ze:D Koddige beestjes met die pluimstaart!En w000t, tuurlijk doe ik ook mee voor een uiltje! Die zwarte is mijn favoriet:D Hou er wel rekening mee dat je andere uil dan ontzettend eenzaam gaat zijn he:o.Btw.. je spreekt al de hele tijd over 3 uilen… waar is de derde dan naartoe? :p

  30. Neklausos un neskatosu tādus. Jo daudz ātrāk varu izlasÄ«t doto informāciju, un ja negribas Ä«paÅ¡i iedziļināties, tad var lasÄ«t “pa diagonāli”, tādÄ“jādi uzmeklÄ“jot tikai svarÄ«gākās lietas. Ja bÅ«tu jāklausās, tad bÅ«tu realtaimā jāklausās – lÄ“ni.

  31. Great stuff Mark, thanks! One thing I would add though, do not send your blog through a traffic exchange if you have Adsense ads, Google will warn you and then ban you. What you do is build a plain little page with a description and the links to your blogs with Adsense and send that through the TE.

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  33. Oh man…so “running” versus “skipping” is a big, giant inconsistency in George’s story that clearly proves he is guilty of one of the most heinous crimes in American history….but “hiding under an apartment building,” which clearly implies that Trayvon was, you know, UNDER the building amongst ductwork and pipes and crawling on his belly in the dirt, is A-OK?

  34. Hi Klemens-Very weird. The picture shows the correct kit, but you’re right – the part number appears incorrect.There’s 010-11215-00 and -02, which are basically the two variants. It seems the one I’ve linked to – though the right picture, may be the wrong part. Sorry about that!I’ll get that fixed here shortly. Just need to find the other one out there.Thanks!

  35. “Once read, most books can be safely passed on to some other interested person or donated. It’s only the most dear that need he kept.”I suppose that may be true, if most books are escape fiction. I would have to disagree, though, for so very many others: Bible(s), catechetical works, commentaries, histories, and of course, technical volumes of all sorts. In my decades of work in electronics, one thing I have learned is that the surest way to ensure the need for any given dated volume is to discard it.

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  37. Ad 6: "v případÄ› muže sankcionovaného za vzbuzení veÅ™ejného pohorÅ¡ení tím, že se na své zahradÄ› pohyboval poloodhalen v bederní rouÅ¡ce, čímž údajnÄ› pohorÅ¡oval zvÄ›davé sousedky" – podle mého názoru, když to bylo na jeho zahradÄ›, tak to nebylo na veÅ™ejnosti (sousedé nejsou oprávnÄ›ni se na jeho zahradu dívat), nehledÄ› na to, že bederní rouÅ¡ka by mÄ›la dostačovat i na veÅ™ejnosti.

  38. So sorry to hear about Harry. I have a Westie and I bought your book “Dirty Dog!” about Harry a few months ago. I read one of your stories about every night before I go to sleep, because they just make me laugh and laugh. In case you haven’t calculated that means I’ve read some of your stories up to ten times. Just loved Harry and his shenanigans. So sorry for the loss of your furry friend.

  39. Thanks for the words, everybody. I had no fucking idea how much time actually goes into these things. At this point I’m convinced Brandon is some sort of super robot sent back from the future with the explicit purpose of writing insanely funny, in-depth wrestling recaps. Regardless, your approval is rad. I’m glad laughs were had and I feel kinda sad about spoiling Breaking Opposite-of-Good.

  40. Hey Paul!!!I agree that most of the evil humans perpetrate on each other in this world would cease if we saw each other as people, but that it’s hard to do. Even without authority figures making it worse, I think the human brain has some sort of natural hurdle that makes it difficult to identify with people who seem foreign. It’s not an insurmountable hurdle, but it takes effort.

  41. Cher François,C’est avec une grande émotion que j’ai appris la disparition de ton Papa.Par un bref passage à l’IESEG, j’ai eu le plaisir de te connaître Toi, et ta famille. Je me souviens de quelques conduites entre Roubaix et l’IESEG dans la bonne humeur, et d’un WE en Belgique !Mes pensées vont vers vous en ces moments difficiles.Reçois mon meilleur souvenir.Merci.Anne-Marie.

  42. ICO, não é sacanagem o Barrichelo nunca conseguir os melhores resultados nas equipes onde ele está. Ele é muito bom, mas parece que falta estrela na hora H. Sempre é o companheiro que consegue a primeira vitória e agora o "Hulk" tira uma pole surpreendente. Nesta Williams é o Hulkenberg que acaba fazendo história para a equipe e para o motor. Falta "só" sorte ao Rubinho?

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  46. El Ayuntamiento de Barcelona hace unos años repartió 3 bolsas como las primeras que habéis puesto. Tienen el mismo color que el contenedor correspondiente: azul para el papel, amarillo para el plástico y verde para el vidrio.En mi hogar se recicla desde hace mucho ya, es imprescindible para una Casa Perfecta.

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  48. Hello this is somewhat of off topic but I was wanting to know if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML. I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding expertise so I wanted to get advice from someone with experience. Any help would be enormously appreciated!

  49. I also don’t believe in pure democracy; the will of the people doesn’t look to the future and is easily manipulated by the media. However, a representative democracy [republican or parliamentary] doesn’t work if the representatives cannot be trusted. “oh, and crum, I’m not a racist. The democrats are the true racists. We all know it.Care to explain?

  50. Hmm it appears like your website ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I submitted and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I as well am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to everything. Do you have any helpful hints for newbie blog writers? I’d definitely appreciate it.

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  52. Well, for Rush, or any 'conservative leader', to do that places them in a box where they would be held 'captive' until the 'circumstance' is resolved. As we have all learned, this 'issue' is being obscured by the left on a number of different levels with the most prominent defense being a charge of 'racism' which is used to foreclose any rational discussion or debate.I am content with the occasional breath of fresh air from Rush and others that serves to 'stoke the fire' passion of those that are attempting to overcome the 'evasions' in the Courts where the 'merits' of 'debatable disagreements' are meant to be resolved.

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  54. I always get mad at the way people perceive Batman. The original Batman comics are ridiculous! Batman and Robin slept together and fought clowns with an endless arsenal of gadgets that all had the word “bat” in front of them. Nowadays people act like Batman was always an angst-filled anti-hero with a disturbing film-noir inspired past. Come on.Superheroes should never be taken seriously.

  55. this actually isn't a comment on this post, but i don't know where to ask this question, so i'll ask it here:my video got removed due to some copyright violation. i don't know which copyright i violated, because video came straight from my camera, in non-edited, raw form, without any music background or anything that could be copyrighted.i would appreciate if you could write me where to address this issue (if i'm not at the right place (i know i am not, but i can't find better suited ;))thanx

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  58. #12Jullie mannen hebben het zeker makkelijk. Ik heb gehoord dat bevallen een van de ergste pijnen is die je kunt hebben in dit leven.(ReFlex mn laatste zin moet je ff niet aan je vrouw laten lezen, wacht maar even tot na de bevalling inshallah).Misschien dat daarom vrouwen die kort na de bevalling overlijden tot martelaar worden gerekend…Maar wel lief dat je het even opmerkt :) Nordin ben je een insider?

  59. Helen,Thank you for the TRUTH. All these years I thought it had something to do with Jesus Christ and love and forgiveness and stuff like that but you’ve taught me the TRUTH…about the TRUTH. Oh, and thank you for just telling me the TRUTH so I wouldn’t have to wait and see the movie about the TRUTH. ¡Viva la TRUTH!

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  65. j’adore ce calembour. Et franchement je reconnais clairement mon instit de CM2, avec sa barbichette… c’est peut-être un truc qu’on devrait réformer aussi ça, et qu’on n’a pas changé depuis un moment: le style capillaire des prof.(pardon, vengeance d’élève)

  66. Trop fort ce Botul. Un mort ayant 2 livres en chantier, c’est de la ‘pataphysique!Et c’est vrai que le botulisme se propage, même les poissons sont touchés…mais on le savait déjà, les requins, ceux se définissant comme les théologiens de la nouvelle philosophie par exemple, étant des poissons.

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