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  1. , one needs to keep busy. I admire your passion for life and your thirst for new knowledge and experience. I’m a lot like you in that way. Life is just too damn intrnesting.Meaewhile, on to the more mundane aspects of life. It’s time to (as the British say) do the washing up, cook, and then eat my vittles.

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  5. Oh Fulano, da hab ich ja noch gar nicht drüber nachgedacht. Aber Du hast Dir ja zu helfen gewußt :-D Freut mich, dass Dir der Spruch gefällt. Hoffentlich gefallen Dir die anderen auch, denn wie der Name es schon sagt, gibt es jede Woche (immer samstags) einen neuen Spruch aus meinem Leben ^_^

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  7. I. LOVE. THIS. POST!!!! I just met a few stars yesterday. Not only were they gracious and lovely, they were really good at general conversation. This is something I’m going to work on. I tend to be shy around people, especially people I’m intimidated by, and this can come off as indifference or snottiness. I’d like people to see the me my friends see. Going to get my coffee at the corner store now. My assistant is busy. ; )

  8. Unter anderem werden die GEZ-Gebühren eben für die einseitige Berichterstattung über Israel ausgegeben – wenn das kein Grund ist, sie zu verteufeln! Wirklich “rare Perle des Journalismus” ist eine Sendung namens “Entweder Broder”. Schon davon gehört? Und solch eine Sendung entsteht nicht dank der GEZ, sondern trotz der GEZ. Und wird dementsprechend in die tiefste Sendezeit vergraben, so um Mitternacht….wenn keiner wacht…

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  10. Ah, the dilemma! I want to like simple too, but last year we simplified so much, we were all a bit let down.I love the fun and decorations and music and baked treats and programs and events that go along with Christmas. And I love the hush of my heart when I hear my husband read the Nativity story from Luke 2, the solemnity that accompanies lighting the advent candles, and the pricking of tears when I consider the sacrificial Gift that Christmas is really about.For me, it’s about finding a balance between the two extremes. I love the bustle, and I need the introspection.

  11. I came from a pretty bad home, and my dad well I only knew him for 3 yrs of my life. I was stolen from home at age 1.5 and saw my mother again when I was 10 yrs old. Grew up poor in a third world country I remember having tape worms and we rarely had electricity. Yet I am happy to be alive. Poor and sad is always better than DEAD. any day of the week or year. Yes some people should not have them, but in the end that person born.. he will be glad he was born when the time comes.

  12. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Pip! I loved reading about what you prepared for Christmas dinner My 7-year old found it fabulously weird that you enjoyed octopus on Christmas day!! I’m a cookie-baking triathlete myself so I really enjoyed your food blog and great pictures. Hope Santa was good to you as well!

  13. Curtise–this dress is an amazing find–I love the color, the flow of the skirt. And, I especially like how you styled it with the cardigan.I would have to say that some of those photos do indeed look like "God's Own Country"–it's something about the sun and the clouds.

  14. Heidi, I know that song! My grandmother used to sing it to us and play it on record- she was a kindergarten teacher. But I think our version wasn't all food. I remember it had fish on Friday and I if I recall Monday was 'wash day'.Also, I love your laundry room. But I don't do that much laundry, yet.

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  19. Katharina, thank you so much for being our first guest designer! Woo Hoo! Your sketch is great, and your card is fantastic. I love the image and the gorgeous coloring. You are so talented! Thanks for helping us this week! :)

  20. I can't imagine 8 year old Christian….He is always going to be the spirited, hilarious, sweet, anger management needing 3 year old I miss so much. I truly cannot wait for the day to see Christian again, reunited with all of us who love and miss him so much, and also seeing him for the first time with the brother and cousins he never got to meet here on earth. How thankful I am for God's promise that allows us to look forward to that! I love you so much, Marshy.

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  22. So your saying we should all be like the shopowner who works 70+ hours a week, hardly sees his wife and has no down time or fun. I would say it is the shopkeeper who is skrewed especially if he doesn’t HAVE to live like that.

  23. a liberal friend of mine typed to me when i sent this speech and link to her last week “so what if she’s an arab, she’s a christin so she’s automatically suspect in speaking against the muslims.” so i pointed out that there are several former muslims speaking out against islam and her response? “those people have clearly been ‘gotten too’. you can’t believe them.”so essentially, if you speak against islam, you are wrong because the islamists say so. unbelievable.great post robert and seananna. thanks!

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  28. / I've seen those school lunches, they look custom made for the little people from Oliver Twist. If you'd have tried to serve that to me when I was 15 I would have laughed in your face. My suggestion is to make a little more at dinner and pack your kids sustaining lunches from the leftovers – it seems to really school systems and the gov when you don't participate.

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  33. I believe you overlook the benefits of zero tolerance policies. They are actually of the utmost importance to our society. Zero tolerance policies help us to not think for ourselves, so we can grow up to become good Democrats.Whoops… I think that was what they called “rhetoric”!

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  38. I agree. I am a mother of 6, and have 9 grandkids. This should be done in private. Even in our home and when we go to our kids home if one of our grandkids need feeding my daughter-in-laws will and have gone into one of the bedrooms. And no this is not a family friendly act. She should of gone into the dressing room to feed her baby. Target was right.

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  40. No, Jason, it’s fine: I feel no disrespect coming from you!You write, “…There are times when someone to speak truth to power is needed. Who should speak that truth for those of us opposed to the agenda of certain conservative Christian groups?”My answer is that this is an obligation we cannot delegate to leaders — we have to do it ourselves.That prophetic power is already in us both, waiting to be allowed to express itself. If we don’t allow it to speak through us when the time requires, but instead look for someone else to do it in our place, we fail in our obligations to one another and to God, and we become dead souls.

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  43. i sit here weeping, lump in throat. do you see why i have fallen in love with true, short for true wonder? oh my Lord, that poem, that tale, it silences me and all my chatter. there is wisdom in our midst, people. and she is true, so true. bless you. may i be the first to say in print we need a book of true poetry. you are so supremely heaven sent. that we might be so graced by the grace of you. it awes me. sometimes, i do believe, the hand of God is not so subtle. some times it klunks on the head. klunk. bless you. each and all.

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  49. Copngratulations to your giveaway winners. And lucky you with all the loveliness through the post! The fabric made me drool on my keyboard – now mopped up with some tissues. *blush*Hope you get the interweb back soon … the withdrawal symptoms must be horrendous! :-O x

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  56. Thanks Miriam. I’ll add the follower widget. I didn’t have it because I had installed the feedblitz one originally. I didn’t want to confuse people. But, I’ll go ahead and add the ‘follower’ widget too. Then, if folks prefer that one over the feedblitz, they can subscribe that way. I’ll consider the ‘subscription’ fulfilled if I see the name on one of the two lists. Thanks for suggesting it! -kristen

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  59. "…the real crisis is in the souls that they don't believe they have anymore." Or what is a yiddishe neshama without, "Next year in Jerusalem."?Or what are kishkes without Yom HaZikaron? "…the stinking viscera of the left, slabs of rotting Tikkun Olam, green eco leaves and civil rights marches.":The hearing ear and the seeing eye, the G-d of Israel has made them both.:

  60. Just read the Comments. Kinda feel like I'm doing something illegal..? Not illegal like robbing a bank, but there's that whole privacy mail thing. I'm not finding that stopped me however… Congratulations on completing your book – what a journey, what a cool adventure! How wonderful for others to be able to share in your perceptions, your new-found revelations. There's nothing like the story of "the other" to make us feel no longer alone. We're so inclined to feel like an island, missing the finer points of relationship. Am looking forward to reading more…

  61. i love this.i want preference by race to get in (and for scholarships), but if you give me the same preference when buying a muffin, i scream "racism" and condemn you.charming.Actually, this is reflective of America's ruling political class. If morons like these get to be the future leaders or train the future leaders what hope is there?

  62. kritt11 Maybe Michael Reagan isn't the most impartial source on Obama. He certainly has perked up since the GOP picked Palin, who he believes is like his late dad. But even Reagan has the ability to listen to an entire conversation- not just the sound bite and make a fair assessment. He should also ask himself why Obama would be classy enough to declare families off-limit, then attack Ms. Palin in a sexist way.I guess Michael can't tell the difference between “making sense” and participating in a political smear campaign.

  63. Pbrain, Pbrain, Pbrain are you suggesting that Christie’s job description needs to be that detailed for him to understand his responsibility?Or are you suggesting Christie is adolescent and should blame the legislature for this screw up?

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  130. Jason, you did awesome. My favorite song by far was “Caravan of Angels” because maybe I’m just a mushy-guy. Anywhere we can buy it, or is it unavailable?[FROM JRB: Thanks, Ollie! I'm working on it... Hopefully by this summer you'll be able to pick it up!]

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  134. Shannon~ I’m so happy to hear I’m not the only one in this glorious food bloggin world that let her fitness slide! So excited you’re trying out a circuit! Let me know how it goes for you Come back next week for more and don’t be afraid to share it with your friends!

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  147. The site is really coming along. I like all the additions, especially the recipe index. What happened to the “Most Recent Post” link? I used that one. Keep it coming! I’m requesting a “butternut squash soup” post for fall and know you make a good one!

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