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  1. Where the shooting took place on Ft. Hood, it was indeed a gun free zone. Soldiers on base need explicit autaorizhtion to have a firearm and ammunition. The shooting victims inside the meeting hall had to call for armed help.

  2. Hey there Marit! It is funny that you should visit my blog because, just today I was thinking of my friend in Norway! Your curling team beat us :). Boohoo for us, but yahoo for you! It was a very good game! Is curling popular in Norway? It is less popular than hockey here but very important. I love all your pictures of your hometowns! So idyllic! Such a natural life in Norway! Thanks for the positive comments on my kitchen reno! I am so eager for the sewing room too! Organization everywhere!

  3. Comme beaucoup je suis affligée de voir une justice à deux vitesse qui maintient en prison des hommes âgés ou malades et qui laisse dans les rues des voyous capables de rosser les policiers qui sont empêchés de se défendre. On a l’impression que les juges en ont une peur bleue et qu’ils espèrent ainsi apaiser les conflits alors qu’à l’évidence ils donnent aux délinquants le signal inverse.

  4. Awww Jasper reminds me of my own dog growing up. She was afraid of the water for most of her life and then one day she just decided that she liked the water and started swimming in our pool.He’s doing awesome can’t wait to see how he progresses

  5. sukh kasha madhe asta ? ya prashnache ekach shabdat uttar ahe… samadhanat !sukhacha shevat samadhan hach ahe. samadhan nasel tar ant kay asel kahich sangu shakat nahi. nepoleon bonapart, jarmanycha hitler, irakcha saddam, osama, asha diggajancha shewat asamadhanatunach zala. samadhani rahile aste tar hich manse kadachit devatvala prapt zale aste nahika ?

  6. Pour ou contre le nucléaire, conservateur ou écolo à vrai dire je m’en fout de vos débats… mais Il faut quand être bien conscient qu’avec le nucléaire l’homme a un peu creusé sa tombe !

  7. that an iPad replaces writing learning needs? Hello??? Distraction??? Are you kidding me?? Kids are already distracted playing nintendo and Xbox because their content is way more engaging than a printed textbook. I think you need to think outside the box BIG TIME!!

  8. Correction – the standard AMEX Hilton card only gives you Silver (not Gold). Only the Surpass card gives you Gold. For most people (like myself), I only got the regular card to get access to AXON awards and there is no annual fee. When my Gold expires though, I may sign up for the Surpass or the Citi one to get Gold (which is a very beneficial status to have with Hilton).

  9. Joey,You are truly a gem of an artist; so talented! We are so fortunate we have you to capture these moments of our engagement and the love we have for each other. Your work is unique and beautiful… we can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  10. Thanks, Mr. W for the wonderful article. Looking forward to reading more about the importance of craft.. and of course, working to improve mine..Just a doubt for Brian or someone from d’Verse, the penultimate para asks us to write on poetry.. Does it mean, for this crit & craft week, we’ve to write a poem about poetry?

  11. I just bought a pair of Bass loafers! How coincidental. I'm loving your simple, clean, classic outfit as always. And even though this is menswear-inspired, you still retain a femininity that doesn't need ruffles and frills and flowery prints. You're my biggest style inspiration.

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  13. i’m living in lexington–but not kentucky! there is a lexington in minnesota, as well. we have a population of 2200, and are a little town in between two larger ones. one of the nicest things about living here is that we have a small town feel and setting, but are just minutes away from the twin cities–either one! we have near-instant access to all the theaters, museums, restaurants, and life in a big city, with the opportunity to “hide out” in our little community for peace and quiet.

  14. I have your #4 and #2 albums. I have not yet ckeched out Foals, but maybe I will now on your recommendtion.Like you, I was quickly taken and roundly impressed by the classic, down-home goodness and brilliance of I’m Amazed . That song is a treasure, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

  15. I should have been more clear regarding what I meant by “giving up part of a state.” In both of those cases (and numerous other cases involving shifting rivers and refined latitude measurements), the U.S. didn’t give up part of a state but rather recognized that its claim to that part of the state was invalid, as it did not (or no longer) lay within the U.S.By contrast, the U.S. has never given up part of a state to which it had an undisputed claim.

  16. Understanding Existence of ‘But’ is important , practical experience says other wise though ! People dont like to hear ‘But’, and even planning for ‘But’ ! ‘But’ is very conman in scientific terms and when you have budget/time/or both , you can see its always has been exist in different ways like “Plan B”, “Risk Management” , “Exit Strategy ” etc. etc. But ! .. !

  17. I use Cilantro all the time, speaking of the Devil. It has to be in many Latin recipes and is a nice touch in many dips especially salsa’s. I suppose you prefer American Parsley for a flat fuzzy taste. I only use parsley in Phil the Mover’s World Famous Potato Salad.

  18. . Take out a hit on Tiger? Maybe, break his kneecaps? How about kidnap him? Is there no sense of humour allowed on TV anymore?Check out the Dean Martin roasts and what they said? Including the visible minorities. Rev. Sharpton promotes racism and hatred against whites but no one seems to care about that. Bryant Gumble can say that the winter olympics doesn’t have the best atheletes because there are few blacks competing and he is still on the air.I am not even a Kelly fan but it is a symbol of what is wrong with people being too sensitive.

  19. 1/2decaf1/2regular: Bynum ” On defense it’s always about heart” Seems he’s admitting his heart wasn’t always in it on defense and defense only.Don’t think it’s a coincidense this came out today. I’m not worried kobe will have them focused.

  20. Hey ….. The chippens hill site was an open dump site for generations before they placed the school there . I can remember when businesses and basically anyone could discard ANYTHING there 24 hours a day 365 days a year w/ no regard for contamination . So I can see nothing that will prevent the school from being built on the crowley site .

  21. DC: I was born in DC in 1968 and lived in Arlington (not counting college and grad school years) until 1998. You're right, I've probably missed a lot. Where did the blacks go? Pushed out into PG County entirely? They don't seem to be in NoVA as far as I can tell. When I go back to visit now I'm struck by 1) how much better the food is, 2) how crowded it is inside the beltway (I can remember horses and corn fields in Mclean for example), 3) how many 'hispanics' (i.e. indians from guatemala and el salvador) there are and 4) Dulles Airport apparently only hires people from Yemen or Somalia.

  22. I don’t know that you want to hear from me, as I’m not currently cycling, but if I were, I would be in the TWW. If you want to hear what I am waiting for, well that would be a second opinion on uterine rupture surgery. Good luck to everyone else who is cycling!

  23. I live in WV. Got hit hard with 18″ of snow. Power is back on, Had to have mt daughter and Grandsons come stay with use, because of no power/heat. We are blessed with what we have, safe, and warm. I pray for all those here up through the east coast. God is Good…..

  24. Allison, Thanks for your comment! While many doors have opened for women in ministry over the last thirty years, I feel the church still has a long way to go. I hope I can be one of many voices providing resources and encouragement to women who are hearing God’s call. I know you are very passionate about women in Christian leadership and am excited to connect with you again here!

  25. Chris, I'm afraid I don't have the IQ to follow your argument. If your father was a Mexican day labourer it would be relevant to the subject of the post. (That Mexicans in the US have children with higher IQ's). Would you like to tell us what you father did for a living?

  26. I have no respect for Carson,marry the girl already. She gives birth to his two children but she’s not good enough to be his wife. Sorry,just don’t agree with this and Siri shouldn’t either! If you love her do the right thing!

  27. Virginia – JoelMe debati sem querer em seus videos no facebook e somente quero dizer e deixar o comentario de que seus videos de casamento sao EXCEPCIONAIS! m-a-r-a-v-i-l-h-o-s-o-s! vc eh capaz de captar e congelar esse momento tao sagrado maravilhosamente bem! Vc eh um genio! parabens! o dia que eu precisr de um video eh vc quem vai faze-lo e passarei adiante! BravoTenha uma boa vida!Virginia

  28. ?I think a serious party would let him continue and fail to win the leadership. This has got be at least somewhat pleasing to his leadership rivals. Maybe now the Liberals can get a genuine leadership race? Let the party membership show that they do not wish JT to lead rather than having party brass banish him as you suggest. It’s risky, sure, but it would also show a party not dictated to by the “PMO” so to speak. A good way to show change from the Chretien days and the current Harper admin.

  29. Sweetheart!!! NO!!!!I only read this this morning after seeing a tweet by Ree mentioning the blogging community rallying around you. What a nightmare…I will be doing what I can from way over here… and sending you healing wishes (esp your husband – oh that car!). So relieved to hear no-one was badly injured physically (although i am sure it doesn’t feel like that on the inside!)…Hugs?BB

  30. Il y en a un au centre de commercial de Rosny là où je vais mes courses le samedi (3615 ma vie).Je suis rentrée une fois pour voir, et je trouve que c’est encore pire que Pimkie ! ça m’a fait penser à Berskha (je ne sais pas comment ça s’écrit alors je mets au pif).New Look ça ne m’a pas du tout fait envie, c’est cheap à mort et vulgaire au possible, comme tu dis c’est le royaume de la pouffe. Et je n’ai pas bien compris non plus cet engouement sur la blogo !

  31. I couldn't agree more Nathan. It has had the same impact on my business as well and is also the 3rd largest form of traffic generation for me as well.I enjoy the ability to meet and network with others through it and have really begun to find a great sense of community with those I connect with.

  32. I love classical music but I don't see why Chua thinks it is important for her kids to learn to play it. The job prospects for musicians are horrible. Her kids would be better off playing sports if they want to be successful. Businessmen are much more into sports then music and they would be making future contacts if they were playing with other kids rather then spending hour alone practicing the violin. Most Americans are indifferent if not hostile to classical music. She is setting them up to be considered oddballs by their peers.

  33. Nice revealing presentation Dave. The visual support really tells the story — I’ll call this project a no-brainer. For a drop in the bucket, we can vastly improve the, dare I say, “boondoggle” of a bridge and turn it into a true asset. Keep pushing, this really has to happen. We also need to see the tangled web of pedestrian hell reconfigured at the Northern base such that the Summerfest grounds and museum campus has a proper, pedestrian and bike-friendly connection to the city.

  34. dr: this devolves back to Hume’s is-ought problem. Is good governance economic prosperity, safety and security? Or is it the freedom to do what you want, even if it means a substantially lower quality of living and the chance of getting mugged or killed when you walk out of your house? (If you think this is an exaggeration, look at South Africa. We have a long ways to fall yet, and there’s very little to suggest that our current path will alter.) I’d take the former any day of the week.

  35. I find this fascinating because, to the best of my knowledge, this is not the case at most other schools. (At least it is not the case where I teach, a top-20 department much larger than yours.) I wonder what your department, and Harvard at large (because I'm sure that must play a role as well), are doing differently to encourage so many non-majors to take your classes.

  36. Thanks for the comment. This (and much more) is covered in depth in the Users Guide, available on this page. Look under “Override the Default Setting for Posts.” (I’d refer you to “Override the Default Setting for Pages,” but that refers you back to the section on Posts, as in this particular instance, the steps are the same.)

  37. T – thanks for the research and your proclamation on photo size – I love reading your blog, twitter and facebook posts. And, yep, your photos are awesome – I’d buy a ‘Bite Me’ lens cap, but I doubt it would fit my Fuji camera ..

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  39. Ça dit pas que tu as un problème, ça dit pourquoi ça prend du temps… Après à toi de tirer tes conclusions, oui t’acceptes que ça prenne du temps, non tu changes quelque chose. Moi personnellement j’avais fini par accepter que ça prendrait du temps étant donné ma personnalité. On se sent plus léger après une fois qu’on a fait le choix.

  40. Zune and iPod: Most people compare the Zune to the Touch, but after seeing how slim and surprisingly small and light it is, I consider it to be a rather unique hybrid that combines qualities of both the Touch and the Nano. It’s very colorful and lovely OLED screen is slightly smaller than the touch screen, but the player itself feels quite a bit smaller and lighter. It weighs about 2/3 as much, and is noticeably smaller in width and height, while being just a hair thicker.

  41. Hostage, why must you insist on repressing and silencing us helpless and downtrodden gentiles of the world – who wouldn’t know so much as how to invade, ethnically cleanse or bomb a country without the instructions of our Zionist overlords – with your strongly-worded comments?You know in your heart of hearts the right thing to do is to drop these shenanigans and join the Animate Objects for Good Things in the Universe (AOGTU), where all are welcome to freely express their views without the heavy burden of this homo sapiens special interests politics which have been plaguing the movement for so long.

  42. I understand FD’s hesitation… just want to say that you tell such great stories about your relationship and code and the cool ways that the two of you communicate and negotiate stuff… and it would be way cool (from a teaching/learning perspective) to get a 360. Maybe you two could do a blog duet!!!

  43. I was curious if you ever thought of changing the layout of your website? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having 1 or 2 images. Maybe you could space it out better?

  44. Sou de Niterói, mas moro em Manaus. Domingo dia 21/08, recebemos uma carta de meu pai por intermédio de vcs, onde ele dizia estar ao lado de minha mãe, que ainda “dorme”, mas que assim que despertasse, tentaria fazer com que nos desse uma mensagem para acalmar mais ainda nossos corações. Pergunto se existe alguma possibilidade de vcs virem a Manaus algum dia, para que eu tenha o privilégio de tentar um contato com aqueles que foram tudo em nossas vidas. Obrigada. De uma filha saudosa, Angela.

  45. How is it that just anyone can publish a blog and get as popular as this? Its not like youve said something incredibly impressive -more like youve painted a quite picture above an concern which you know nothing about! I dont want to sound mean, right here. But do you definitely feel that you can get away with adding some quite pictures and not really say anything?

  46. Cool, cool jodhpurs and they look great on you! They are a bit like harem trousers to me – adore them, but rarely wear them because they feel unusual. Guess I just need to be a bit braver. Because I'm a big fan of your blog I've tagged you for a little award… Happy weekend!

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  48. Congrats on finishing strong! =) I’m just beginning to get back into running. And while I have never been great at it…I have been considering setting a goal to try out a race one of these days. Having something solid to look forward to as a reward of sorts would really help me to push my self along and of course to not give up on myself =)

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  54. In CT, you can't buy booze for off-premises consumption on Sunday or after 8PM.A year or two ago, when the legislature was considering changing all that, the most vocal opponent were the owners of package stores, who didn't want to have to stay open longer and they liked their days off.

  55. >ThierryJe suis toujours dans la spirale des erreurs. Je vois que vous êtes un des seuls qui peuvent décrire comment est une spirale (ou une hélice) sans besoin de remuer la main. >MiniPhasmeMoi aussi d´accord avec l´insulte inméritée. Il s´agissait seulement de signaler que la synonymie est difficile si on ajoute le mot “client”.Sur Marie-Madeleine, seulement dans l´évangile selon Jèsus-Christ (mais ce bouquin n´est même pas apocryphe ) j´ai lu qu´elle est couchée avec un homme.

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  57. Não estou certo que tenha sido aprovado por unanimidade, cara Suzana, mas que foi imensamente discutido na altura – nomeadamente por muitos daqueles que agora parecem não ter a noção do seu conteúdo – isso é verdade, ainda me recordo bem…A conclusão a tirar, pelo menos, é de que os políticos e a maioria dos opinadores da praça têm a memória curta, muito curta mesmo – ou então assumem, de facto, o papel de intrépidos militantes da ignorância…

  58. I feel like you could probably teach a class on how to make a great blog. This is fantastic! I have to say, what really got me was your design. You certainly know how to make your blog more than just a rant about an issue. Youve made it possible for people to connect. Good for you, because not that many people know what theyre doing.

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  60. Beh, ogni cultura ha pareri differenti per quanto riguarda la carne che si può o no mangiare. Ho sconvolto parecchi studenti qui in UK quando ho detto che noi mangiamo cavalli e asini, e anche la mia relatrice (che pure ha un dottorato in italianistica): "Ma nella cultura italiana l'asino non è un animale sacro?". E io: "Mah, non saprei. Certo, negli agnolotti ha il suo perchè!". Mi sta simpatico l'asino…ma gli agnolotti d'asino sono meravigliosi. Scusa asino! Elena

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  62. The manipulations of your captures are fantastic. The only thing I find lacking is some sort of climax, whether it be structurally or dynamically. The impression left upon my after a listen was that it was static (primarily in dynamics), which I think the effect of that has been accomplished effectively, but I find myself wanting some destination. I think the thinning of the layer at the end really add a contrast, but also occur to quickly in comparison to the rest of the piece to have an equalled effect.

  63. i HAVE to have a water bottle with me at all times in order to drink as much water as i should. i keep it on my nightstand at night, have it in the morning when i wake up, carry it with me around the house…whatever room i'm in, so is the water bottle. it's taken a while for this to become a habit but i kinda rely on it now. it's like my iphone. :) it's always with me. and if for some reason i forget it while i run errands, i have to buy water while i'm out. i loved all of your tips! you can totally kick the baby weight to the curb! you are awesome!

  64. Aszta!:-)Pár napja uborkaraitát akartam készíteni és valami párosítás után kutattam, mert magában *unalmas*:)). Az alma is megfordult a fejemben, a narancson gondolkodtam, illetve az ananász-kevés paradicsomhús verzión, de még nem ugrottam neki.Amiből raita lehet, abból leves is ugyanolyan jó!:-))(Az almaecet első ránézésre nekem is soknak tűnik a joghurt mellett:-))

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  66. I think I read somewhere that Joss decided that Zoe was born in space, and yes was raised in a military environment. I wish I could cite that for you, but I think you may be correct. And I very much like your plot bunny – did you write a fic to go with it by any chance?

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  68. Obama did indeed build this. This is the direct result of his foreign policy blunders and miscalculations.It was to be expected with a foreign policy neophyte at the helm of real life situations.Most people realize what he did was intentional and this was the goal all along – destabilize the region. This is a shock to no one who knows Obama's ultimate objective.One question remains – when is this usurper going to pay for his crimes against America?

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  74. And, personally, I’m beginning to wonder if the focus of the media on all of these bone-headed studies and ideas, is a distraction from the companies and policies that are REALLY poisoning our environment, our people and our food. Packing some cut strawberries in a lunchbox doesn’t even make that list. NOT to be paranoid, but will the next study be about why school-prepared lunches are better for your child, sponsored by Cargill?

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  155. ditto Tin Man. Really, Andy Schmandy should be paying us to watch his perverted & scripted soap operas. I’m here for the camaraderie. The blogs & posters here are the best! The recipes aren’t bad either. Thanks to MamaZ for posting that link to the pumpkin French toast recipe, going to make that soon!

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